Monkeypox: Americas are global epicenter, with more than 30,000 cases – News

The countries of the Americas have become the epicenter of the global outbreak of monkey poxwith more than 30 thousand cases concentrated mainly in the United States, Brazil, Peru and Canada, informed the PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) this Wednesday (7), clarifying, however, that mass vaccination is not needed for now.

“With vaccine shortages and no effective treatment for smallpox, countries must intensify their efforts to prevent the spread of the virus in our region,” said PAHO Director Carissa Etienne. “We have the means to slow this virus down,” she said at a virtual press conference at the organization’s headquarters in Washington.

The monkeypox virus (monkeypox) has been circulating in Central and West Africa for decades and was not known to cause major outbreaks in countries on other continents or spread widely among people until May, when dozens of cases began to be reported in Europe. and in North America.

In July, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared a global emergency for smallpox, the highest alert level used in the past for similar Zika outbreaks in Latin America in 2016 and the coronavirus pandemic, among others. The statement does not necessarily mean that the disease is particularly communicable or fatal.

In the Americas, most cases have been detected among men who have sex with men, although at least 145 cases have also been confirmed among women and 54 cases among children under the age of 18, PAHO said.

So far, 30,772 cases have been reported in 31 countries in the Americas and four deaths in Brazil, Cuba and Ecuador, according to PAHO.

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