NASA provides website that allows 3D visualization of the Solar System; check out

After two years of updating, NASA has finally delivered the website that allows 3D visualization of the Solar System, the NASA’s eye. Interplanetary travel is now easier and more interactive than before, with better controls and navigability.


This is an excellent opportunity to learn about space without needing any previous training or any other necessary apparatus for astronauts during space explorations. Just have a device with internet access and this new world will be at your fingertips.

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The platform allows the user to view the conditions of planets, satellites and probes in the past, present and future. See where the Perseverance probe, which is on Mars, has passed. Trace the course of the Artemis mission, which aims to take man back to the Moon. The possibilities are endless, after all, NASA has made data from more than 125 missions available.

The Software Producer”Eyes on the Solar System“, Jason Craig, said that “the beauty of the new, browser-based system is that it really invites exploration. You just need an internet connection, a device that has a web browser, and some curiosity.”

Website potential

In addition to navigating the Solar System, you can learn about dwarf planets, gas giants, exoplanets, stars, moons, etc., a multitude of stars. It is even possible to watch the trajectory of Halley’s comet, which passed by Earth in 1986, or to get in touch with future events, in the year 2049, for example.

The look of the site is very impressive. If you’re unsure about the size, colors and shapes of planets, you can compare them side by side, and even modulate perspective and lighting. This update has become extremely interactive.

Via: Phys

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