Primo Rico makes new round of layoffs and total cuts reach 90 employees

O Cousin Group made a new staff cut, laying off 40 people. It is the second time this year that the company, led by influencers Thiago Nigro and Bruno Perini, has laid off dozens of employees. The first time was in May, when 20% of the team was fired. With the two mass layoffs, 90 people were fired from Grupo Primo this year.

O Estadão found that, this time, employees from different areas of the company were fired, such as design, events, production, platforms and the manager. In May, the company had 230 employees.

Recently, partner Joel Jota, known for being an author of books and a former swimming athlete, left the group and says it was a personal choice.

Thiago Nigro, known as Primo Rico, is one of the partners of Grupo Primo, along with financial influencer Bruno Perini
Thiago Nigro, known as Primo Rico, is one of the partners of Grupo Primo, along with financial influencer Bruno Perini Photograph: Alex Silva / Estadão

Layoffs in companies operating in the equity investment niche began this year, with the rise in the Selic rate, which led many investors to fixed income. THE Empiricus, known for reporting publicly traded companies and stock exchanges, also cut staff in the first semester. More than 100 people were laid off.

Overwork and leadership problems

On Glassdoor, a website that reviews companies by employees, negative comments talk about unnecessary charges, lack of clarity in demands and encouragement of unpaid overtime.

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“They make employees work at 5 am without overtime. Nobody gets up from their chair before 7pm because they look bad. Accumulation of functions and intense workload, including on weekends and holidays”, says a user of the platform who would have worked at the company. “Exhaustive work without monetary recognition. Overtime? Forgets! Many promises of society without criteria. Very young and spoiled leadership,” reads another comment.

On the platform, there are also reports that employees had to get together to read Christian principles, always with biblical passages and “employee exposure”.

The newsroom was unable to contact Grupo Primo to comment on the case. The article will be updated if the company sends a statement to the Estadão about layoffs.

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