Airline bets on new Russian turboprop to replace Antonov

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The Russian Ilyushin IL-114 turboprop is expected to be the replacement plane for the Ukrainian Antonovs on the Russian airline Alrosa. The company is based in Siberia and operates regional flights with Antonov An-24 and An-38 turboprops, as well as Boeing 737-700 and -800 jets.

While the American planes will be replaced by the Russian Irkut MC-21 and Sukhoi Superjet 100 jets, as the sanctions imposed by the US against Russia after the Invasion of Ukraine made the operation of the Boeings unfeasible, a “new” old acquaintance will serve to enter the place. of the Ukrainians Antonov.

According to Russian news RBC, Alrosa has announced that it will order the Ilyushin IL-114-300 turboprop, which carries up to 64 passengers, to replace the Ukrainian-made An-24 and An-38 turboprops, like the one in the photo below:

RA-26668, Antonov AN26-100, Alrosa, Mirny, Siberia

The IL-114 should arrive at the company only in 2024. The new version (the IL-114-300) is finally trying to reach the market, since the first version manufactured in the early 1990s, the IL-114-100, sold little more than two dozen units.

Alrosa is yet another company that has switched from Western planes to Russians to continue its operations, while the invasion of Ukraine and sanctions last:

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