APCEF/SP | Improper guidance on sales in SR of the capital

Apcef/SP, the Sindicato dos Bancários de São Paulo, Osasco e Região and the Sindicato dos Bancários do ABC received complaints about encouraging improper practices for card sales within the scope of SR Sul.

Employees are being instructed to sell cards by inserting the Caixa card application into customers’ cell phones and making a purchase to activate the card. They are also being instructed to oblige outsourced employees to carry out the practice. Both activities are not part of the scope of activities to be performed by any worker, on the contrary, both the orientation and the operation of the practice can be framed in the investigation of responsibility and are liable to punishment to those involved.

After being warned, the entities sought the superintendence, which immediately stated that this was not the orientation and that it would make the adjustment of information with the subordinate SEVs on Thursday afternoon (9/8).

Given the seriousness of the complaints and information that the undue guidance came from the regional superintendence, a meeting was scheduled for this Friday in order to take the complaints.

“We cannot let this type of procedure go by, especially because it is not an undue practice by a particular employee in disregard of the regulations and laws in force, but because it is potentially a modus operandi that harms customers, Caixa and, above all, to workers. Even agencies that do not carry out the practice are harmed, as they may suffer the consequences of not achieving goals in the way that those that do. It is even evident the fragility of the structure of objectives at Caixa, in which the superintendence itself would be aware of the need for this type of procedure to leverage normally unattainable numbers”, pointed out the director of Apcef/SP, Vivian Sá.

“We appeal to colleagues, who, in the face of this type of request, do not expose themselves to current regulations, on the contrary, seek Apcef”, completed Leonardo Quadros, director-president of Apcef/SP.

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