Bolsonaro’s advertisement is wrong to quote UOL article on real estate

The campaign of the president, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), made a video in which he accuses the UOL of having published false information in a report on his and his family’s properties. But the chief executive’s material spreads misinformation.

The report of UOL It’s about 107 properties that were bought by Bolsonaro, his 3 oldest children, the president’s mother, his 5 brothers and two ex-wives. Of these 107 properties, 51 were purchased with cash. The video released by Bolsonaro claims that the UOL published that all 107 properties belong to Bolsonaro, but this is a lie.

O UOL consulted documents and interviewed property sellers, who admitted they received cash payment. Bolsonaro’s video says that the UOL relied solely on the term “currency” to make the complaint, but that is a lie. In addition to the direct verification with the sellers, the UOL verified that some documents contain the term “counted currency” and “payment in kind”.

The report is the result of a 7-month investigation, during which documents from 16 different municipalities were consulted. Journalists traveled to 12 cities to interview vendors, check addresses and consult lawsuits.

O UOL reinforces that, before publishing the report, he sought out President Jair Bolsonaro and his three oldest children, so that they could comment on the matter. But they didn’t want to speak out.

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