Boulos threatened with a weapon during leafleting in So Bernardo do Campo – Politics

Guilherme Boulos in an interview with Estado de Minas
Boulos said that he will continue with the agenda, but he is considering increasing the security of the campaign (photo: Gladyston Rodrigues/EM/DA Press)

Homeless leader and candidate for federal deputy Guilherme Boulos (PSOL-SP) was threatened by a gunman on Friday afternoon (9) during an agenda in So Bernardo do Campo, in the greater So Paulo region.

He was with the candidate for state deputy for So Paulo Ediane Maria (PSOL) and about 30 people, including supporters and campaign members.

The group took a walk in the commercial center of the municipality, near Praça da Matriz, and handed out pamphlets to people there. At one point, when they were passing through Marechal Deodoro street, an unknown man would have turned around and said to Boulos and Ediane: “I am Bolsonaro”.

According to the PSOL candidate, the two tried to talk to the guy. The man then claimed that he was armed, lifted his shirt and put his hand on the handle of the weapon.

“It’s just that there were a lot of people, we were in daylight in a shopping center. And maybe that’s why he didn’t even raise his gun”, says the homeless leader.

And it goes on: “We said: ‘Calm down, calm down’. So our class left [do local] and he stood there, with his hand on his hip.”

Boulos says he will file a representation with the Public Electoral Ministry (MPE) so that the case can be investigated. The expectation is that the authorities will eventually identify the author of the threats through security camera images that may be at the scene.

“It is unfortunate that this campaign is being marred by scenes of political violence. [presidente Jair] Bolsonaro encourages this every day, but we will not be intimidated,” he adds.

The candidate says he will stick with his agenda, but he should consider ways to increase security.

Gulherme Boulos also reported what happened on his social networks:

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