Check out the benefits and harms of buchinha-do-norte tea

Also known in Brazil as buchinha paulista, cabacinha, purga and zucchini do norte, the buchinha-do-norte is a great plant, but care must be taken, as it is a poisonous plant and can be dangerous if consumed in excess. That is, it needs to be consumed with care, and only inhalation of the tea. Read on to find out what the benefits and harms of northern buchinha tea.

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What is the northern lobster used for?

The main use of the northern loofah is to treat bacterial sinusitis, as it has antiseptic and expectorant properties. In this way, it helps to promote the elimination of infection-causing bacteria and facilitates the release of mucus.

In addition, it has been reported that loofah has anti-herpes, astringent, diuretic, anthelmintic and emetic properties. With this, this plant could also be used to assist in other types of treatments.

However, despite being widely used to help treat sinusitis and rhinitis, more research is needed to demonstrate its effects in humans, as most of them were performed in mice. Therefore, always consult a doctor before using this plant.

Northern loofah and its adverse effects

Knowing the high toxicity of the loofah, it is important to know what effects an overdose can have on the body. Therefore, it is correct to say that the main side effect of this plant is the bleeding it causes.

Thus, reactions such as nosebleeds may be common and may intensify as the dose is increased. As a result, changes in the person’s sense of smell can also occur, as well as irritation and even death of the nasal tissue.

Therefore, proper dosage and use of this plant is crucial. In addition, the abortifacient properties cause uterine contractions, the intensity of which varies according to the administered dose.

Prepare the Northern Buchinha Tea

Gather all the necessary ingredients and check out the preparation method for this tea:


  • 1 locust bean (dry);
  • 250ml of water.

Preparation mode

  1. First, take a pan, add water and peel the northern buchinha;
  2. Then bring to a boil and bring to a boil;
  3. Once it bubbles, turn it off and just inhale the tea steam, without swallowing.

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