Full breakfast reduces hunger but does not affect weight loss

THE The decision to have your main meal as the first or last of the day does not affect how the body metabolizes calories, says the study published in Cell Metabolism.

However, those who choose breakfast as their main meal report feeling less hungry, which can facilitate weight loss more easily, Efe reported this Friday.

The research, led by Alexandra Johnstone of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, recruited 16 healthy men and 14 overweight or obese women to monitor their diets and measure their metabolism over a period of time.

The diets were isocaloric, with a balance of 30% protein, 35% carbohydrates and 35% fat.

During the first week, calories were balanced throughout the day and in the following four they were concentrated in the morning or evening.

Overall, the researchers found that energy expenditure and total weight loss were the same between the morning and evening high-calorie diets, with the average loss of just over three pounds during each of the four-week periods. .

But participants “reported that their appetite was more easily controlled on days when they ate a better breakfast and felt full for the rest of the day,” said Johnstone.

For the scientist, this data can be “quite useful in a real-world scenario, compared to a research environment” in which they worked.

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