how was Avril Lavigne’s concert on the Sunset Stage

Avril Lavigne took to the Sunset stage at Rock in Rio 2022 today to a crowd of excited fans who endured the entire day under a 38°C sun. Right away, you can see two aspects: she doesn’t really age, and the crowd is too big for the stage.

Repeating the same mistake as last Saturday, the organization of Rock in Rio underestimated the impact of a singer to give space to musicians with a smaller audience.

In the first week of the festival, Rock in Rio put Luísa Sonza on the Sunset and Jota Quest no Mundo stage, the biggest of the event. Her audience was much larger (and the show much more lively). This week, again: on Friday, Avril Lavigne performed at Sunset to a packed and swarming crowd, while Billy Idol had a smaller and much quieter audience in the world.

This affects the quality of the show in several ways: the space is cramped, and unbearably hot (because on a 40°C day, a crowd can get a lot worse).

During the day, several people became ill due to the temperature, and were removed from the grid. In addition to the discomfort of the squeeze, the sound of the stage is not designed to reach so many people – and whoever is at the back or side of the audience ends up with a low and noisy music.

But even that greatly disheartened the public. Avril attracted a crowd of people who, in addition to dancing too much, sang in unison all the songs on the setlist – it was almost a simultaneous karaoke for 100 thousand people.

The songs presented today marked the singer’s timeline. With tracks from “Love Sux” (2022), the artist excited the audience as much as she did with tracks from “Let Go” (2002), including the classics “Sk8r Boi” and “Complicated.”

But perhaps most impressive and noteworthy is that Avril herself has barely changed. Yes, the internet joke is true: she doesn’t seem to age. Aside from a much-needed clothing and makeup update, she could be the 17-year-old who rocked MTV with “Sk8r Boi.” It’s quite impressive to see the joviality. She’s 37 with a face like… I don’t know, she has the same face as always!

Avril’s pink and black look, with her blonde hair colored by streaks, is already iconic. It was presented with the stunning “Girlfriend”, from 2007. And it’s still the same!

Avril’s consistency, however, goes beyond looks. The fans show they are there with her.

In the audience, you could see many faces in their late 30s, like the singer. These are people who grew up during the “emo” phase of the world, and shared their adolescence with Avril. On Rock in Rio’s “emo day”, which in addition to Avril Lavigne has Fall Out Boy and Green Day, faces seem happy, and “emotion” emerges, whether it’s for people happy with the comeback of the style, or for those who never gave up wearing black and listening to sad songs.

The emo comeback and the ovation to Avril Lavigne, again, report that Rock in Rio should pay more attention to the public, shows, moods – and make a better distribution.

Rock in Rio has the most ’emo’ day of the 2022 edition; see photos

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