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Caught in separate operations, the delegates Maurício Demetrius and Allan Turnowski, who was head of the Civil Police, had a very close relationship, according to the Public Ministry. In one of the intercepted conversations, Demétrio even mentions Turnowski, arrested this Friday (9), as an intermediary in a plan to kill the bookie Rogério Andrade, for BRL 3 million.

“A million each is fine,” wrote Demetrius.

According to the delegate, the amount would be divided in equal installments between him (Demétrio), Turnowski and Marcelo José Araújo de Oliveira, linked to a rival bookmaker of Rogério Andrade. The talks took place in 2016.

MPRJ arrests ex-Secretary of Civil Police Allan Turnowski

MPRJ arrests ex-Secretary of Civil Police Allan Turnowski

In conversations with Marcelo José, known as Fernando Iggnácio’s “Homem da Mala”, Turnowski is referred to as “Israel” or “Israel’s Friend”.

Demétrio says that in order to go ahead with the plan, it is necessary to wait for Turnowski to return from a trip to El Salvador.

“Let’s see….only, but only next week. Israel went surfing in El Salvador!!” he says.

The Federal Police confirmed that the former secretary traveled abroad in October 2016.

Iggnácio, called “Urubu” by Demétrio in the intercepted conversations, was killed in November 2020 by four suspects. Rogério Andrade was denounced as the mastermind behind his rival’s death.

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  • Who is Allan Turnowski, delegate who held the command of the Civil Police twice and was arrested this Friday

According to investigations, Turnowski acted as a double agent. He obtained information from men linked to Rogério Andrade, such as Jorge Luiz Fernandes and Ronnie Lessa, arrested accused of killing councilwoman Marielle Franco, and passed it on to Fernando Iggnácio, through Maurício Demétrio and Marcelo José.

Maurício Demétrio, arrested in 2021, and Turnowski worked together, according to conversations intercepted by the Specialized Action and Combating Organized Crime Group (Gaeco). One called the other, in conversations, “Guru”.

“They outline strategies to gain relevant positions in the institution in order to perpetuate and enhance their criminal activities. Shielded by power and established relationships, they pursue disaffected parties, monitor investigations and movements that may harm their interests, talk about measures to be taken to prevent the action of investigators and deal with the situation of receiving bribes by allies”, says an excerpt. of the MP’s complaint.

Allan Turnowski was Chief of Civil Police between 2009 and 2011

Allan Turnowski was Chief of Civil Police between 2009 and 2011

In one of the excerpts recovered after the seizure of Maurício Demétrio’s cell phones, he and Marcelo talk about what would be the term of agreement to be proposed to Jorge Luiz Fernandes, “Jorginho”, through Turnowski, to kill Rogério Andrade.

According to the investigations, Turnowski got the information that Andrade would be interested in areas dominated by Jorginho.

According to the plan, Jorginho would be responsible for financing the murder, which should take place by December. The last month of 2016 was the deadline for Jorginho to return the area that was under his control.

“The guy (Jorginho) is interested, apparently, until the end of December. After that he will have to deliver….”, says Demetrius.

In other dialogues, Allan Turnowski says that both were “one CPF”, and that they needed to save each other to protect each other. On the occasion, both discussed possible appointments of Fábio Galvão and Jaime Cândido, federal police officers who worked in the extinct Secretariat of Public Security in Rio, to the Superintendence of the Federal Police.

“GURU, if he catches me, he’ll catch you, GURU. He has to protect me for you! Forget me! Why, are you crazy? We are a CNPJ, a CPF only! Embryo brothers!”

Action against enemies

Deputy Maurício Demétrio charged bribes from shopkeepers in Petrópolis, says MP

Deputy Maurício Demétrio charged bribes from shopkeepers in Petrópolis, says MP

The MP alleges that on several occasions between 2020 and 2021, when he was already secretary, Turnowski would have acted in collusion with Demétrio “to obstruct investigations involving an alleged criminal organization established in a Specialized Police Station.”

In the conversations, Maurício Demétrio asked Allan Turnowski to take action against a rival. Allan was sworn in as Secretary of Civil Police in September 2020.

The retaliation was against delegate Juliana Ziehe, from Internal Affairs, responsible for the investigation into the collection of bribes on Teresa Street, in Petrópolis, by shopkeepers linked to DRCPIM police officers. At the time, Demetrius was the holder of the specialist.

Justice determines new block on accounts of Civil Police delegate Maurício Demétrio

Justice determines new block on accounts of Civil Police delegate Maurício Demétrio

According to the MP, Turnowski followed the progress of the Criminal Investigation Procedure (PIC), even though it was confidential. The investigation would result in the operation Carta de Corso, in which Demetrius was arrested.

“They took it from the Undersecretariat of Intelligence (Ssinte). We do not have access,” she stated in an October 2020 message.

In a note, the defense of delegate Allan Turnowski said that he did not know the reasons that led to his arrest. He also informed that he has already filed a habeas corpus to ask for the release of the client.

“Deputy Allan Turnowski did not know until now the reason for his arrest. Allan Turnowski claims that today’s arrest was a political persecution movement, carried out by a specific group infiltrated in the public ministry. This group does not want him to be elected for fear to be investigated”, says the note.

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