Isa Scherer shows off her twin babies at home for the 1st time

Isa Scherer’s Newborn Twins Are Now Home With Their Dads

The winner of MasterChef, Isa Scherer, showed their babies at home for the first time. The cook was the great champion of the 2021 edition of the reality of cooking, shown on Band. She is also known for being the daughter of one of the main names in Brazilian swimming – the Olympic medalist Fernando Schererthe Xuxa.

Isa was the mother of a beautiful pair of twins. The babies were born on August 29 in a maternity hospital in São Paulo. Little Mel and Bento came into the world weighing 2.2kg and 3.1kg. They are doing well and have been discharged from the hospital. Just like the mother, who faced some problems after giving birth, but was also released.

It turns out that the chef was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Therefore, the delivery had to be done in a hurry. The brothers were born by cesarean section. But a few days after the birth of the heirs, the mother’s pressure continued to rise.

“The pressure rose a lot again and was still unstable. Because of this, my doctor thought it was better for me to go to the ICU to do the magnesium sulfate, there we changed the medication and since then she never went up again. Because of that, too, no anxiety,” he explained. Isa Scherer.

In her social networks, she still told the challenges of double motherhood. In particular, that of breastfeeding two babies. This is because she is not always able to put the twins to breast at the same time. Thus, the rest intervals to recover are very short. When posing with her two children on her lap and already at home, she joked: “one sucking and the other burping”.

The little ones are the firstborn of Isa Scherer. The two are fruits of the relationship of the MasterChef with the model Rodrigo Calazans, with whom she is dating. Miss Mel is the eldest of the siblings. While Bento is the youngest of the family.

MasterChef winner Isa Scherer at home with the twins

Instagram reproduction MasterChef winner Isa Scherer with little Mel and Bento

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