Luigi Baricelli stopped consuming meat and alcohol

Luigi Baricelli, 51, drew attention with his new “different” look: he adopted braids in his hair and beard. But the change is not just external: the actor and presenter also has new lifestyle habits.

“Many people find my transformation process strange and I don’t want to fit their label”, she said in an interview with Patrícia Kogut, from O Globo. He calls himself a “spiritual innovator”, a term he coined to refer to his “awakening”.

“I am all things at the same time, you are nothing. I use what I learned as an artist in my process. Everything is complementary. I know that people need a definition, if I am this or that, but I I don’t fall into that trap,” he said.

Away from television since 2017, Luigi worked as a businessman in the real estate business, but he does not rule out a return to the small screen.

“I never left [de ter vontade de voltar à TV], he just didn’t have the opportunity to do some work that connected with me. When I have it, I’ll accept it right away. But I don’t depend on that, I have the freedom to choose what I want to do”.

The artist’s new lifestyle relies on yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, stretching and flexibility, as well as aerobic activities to “put the energy out” — as he tells the publication. He also stopped eating meat and drinking alcohol.

I’ve always had a problem with gaining and losing weight since I was a child, because I didn’t see myself as part of the system. I went through a very big crisis for being fat, it’s a struggle. Still is. I don’t have the anxiety relationship anymore, but I like to eat. Today, no one contaminates me, only I can make myself become anxious again and eat compulsively.

The transformation ended up generating extraneous comments and criticism, but this does not affect the actor.

“When I’m going to debate with anyone, I don’t want to destroy anyone, I want to build. My pleasure is to see people free. What motivates me is to see a change in thinking. Because one day I didn’t think for myself either”, he declared. .

Luigi Baricelli acted in several TV Globo soap operas — among them “Alma Gêmea”, one of the reruns of the Viva channel — and has been away from the genre since “Insensato Coração”, in 2011. As a presenter, he was in front of “Escola para Maridos”. (Fox Life) and “At First Sight” (Band).

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