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Influencer Lorrane Silva, better known as Little Lo, he said, on Twitter and Instagram, that he went through an uncomfortable situation during the music festival that is taking place in Rio de Janeiro. On social media, she revealed that she was mistreated by a person from the VIP area when she tried to get close to the grid to watch the show, as she uses crutches and an electric motorcycle to get around. And, this column of only six readers and that has friends everywhere, found out who the famous is: presenter and model Ellen Jabour.

It all started, according to Pequena Lô, when she finished her professional commitments and was invited to go to the “vipão”, as they said the view was better, especially for her. “I got there, did what I had to do. And then I went to an area that was there, where I was invited to see the shows. I went there because they said the view is better, and it really is, it’s closer to the stage, for me, who’s on a motorcycle, who’s sitting. We went to the railing to ask people for permission, politely, if there was any way I could get the motorcycle into a small space to see the show”, she began the explanation in her story.

“And then, in that, when we asked, the girl [Ellen Jabour] already looked with a bad face. Until then, I didn’t know who he was, but I knew he was a famous person. And then, when we asked for permission, she looked and said, ‘Oh, is there any way for her to get to the side, stay there? Because my friends and I want to see the show together,’” the influencer detailed.

Pequena Lô also said that they suggested that the presenter’s friend move to the other side and that, even so, they would stay close to each other, but she didn’t want to. “And in that, she started dancing, non-stop, fiddling with her hair, fiddling with her blouse. Because I’m short, so her doing this was blocking my vision. And I don’t need to lie, there were people around, who were very nervous with the girl and even wanted to get satisfaction, but we didn’t let her. Even though she did that, I never fought with her, I said something”, assured Pequena Lô.

Lô said that the model started to whisper with her friend and that bothered her. “The way she was acting, it was as if I didn’t have to be there, that I was an intruder, that, because I was in a wheelchair, that I use crutches, that I use a motorcycle, that I didn’t have to be there in that space “, said.

The influencer said she didn’t say anything at the time of the event because it’s no use. “That’s why I spoke on the internet. It wouldn’t do me any good to fight with such a person. Because we know that when a person is superb, even if you say they are wrong, they will think they are right. And she was like that, you could see it in the person’s way”, she defined.

Contrary to what many netizens said, Pequena Lô was categorical: I wasn’t telling what happened to her to make them feel sorry. “I’m not faking it, I’m not wanting you to feel sorry for me. I’m just talking about the reality, which we see out there. So, I had to change places, I went more to the side. And then, after that, she stopped dancing, stopped doing everything she was doing while I was next to her. What for? With what intention? It doesn’t get into my head. There, no one is worse or better than anyone else, everyone has their segment and I don’t think they need it”, she evaluated.

Pequena Lô also analyzed Ellen Jabour’s behavior. “This was a case of rudeness and impoliteness. Can the person be nice? I don’t know. The first impression she gave me today was that she is rude and very rude. Respect is good and fits anywhere. And not just with me, I think with anyone, it’s the least. The person is not obliged to be laughing all the time. As famous as the person is, people, I think that, first of all, you have to have respect and education”.

The influencer was born with short limbs, due to a genetic problem not yet identified, but doctors associate it with bone dysplasia, the influencer has mobility difficulties because of this. Therefore, she needs an electric motorcycle, crutches or wheelchairs to get around.

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