Rock in Rio: check out the looks of the celebrities on the fifth day of the festival | Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio reaches the fifth day of the festival with more seal on the dance floor! The style of celebrities always draws attention and we can prove it!

If among the public the fashion is emo punk, plaid and the 2000s, among the famous the looks are also equally versatile — It has something for everyone!

Check out!

Want to see more photos of those who arrived in the City of Rock? Come with me!

Gloria Pires with her family at Rock in Rio — Photo: Webert Belicio/AgNews

Chay Suede and João Vicente de Castro — Photo: Webert Belicio/AgNews

Rogério Flausino with his family — Photo: Webert Belicio/AgNews

Thiago Martins and Talita Nogueira — Photo: Leo Franco and Webert Belicio/AgNews

Isabelli Fontana and her son Zion — Photo: Raissa Cavaignac/gshow

Pedro Scooby — Photo: Webert Belicio/AgNews

Eliezer — Photo: Webert Belicio/AgNews

Eriberto Leão and his family — Photo: Leo Franco and Webert Belicio/AgNews

Want to remember what you’ve had? So you can copy and get inspired here:

The ‘Diário de Bordo’ comments on the emotions of Rock in Rio; listen up!

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