Rock in Rio: Green Day detonates and Elba Ramalho is embarrassed with “eih, Bolsonaro will take the c*”

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Rock in Rio once again became the stage for protests against Jair Bolsonaro (PL) that gained international dimension with the memorable show by the American punk band Green Day and the audience’s embarrassment with the usual choir “honoring” the president on the ascent of Elba Ramalho on stage this Thursday night (9).

Seeking to put herself as exempt, Elba Ramalho has been canceled on the networks for her stance since the pandemic, when she echoed the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus would be a measure of “communists” to destroy Christians. More recently, the singer from Paraíba tried to contain a chorus of “Fora, Bolsonaro” at a show in the Northeast and was answered with a Lulaço.

Elba, who took the stage right after Evandro Mesquita’s band Blitz, was greeted by the audience at Rock in Rio with the usual chorus of “eih, Bosonaro, go take your ass” and couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

Green Day, on the other hand, took to the stage in the early hours of Saturday (10), ready to make all the dreams of fans come true – including raising flags against racism, sexism, fascism and, of course, Bolsonaro.

When playing Holiday, one of his most politicized hits in which the band asks “to dream and disagree with the dirty lies” of the “California deputy” who has the word, vocalist Billie Joe exchanged the US state for Brazil, in clear allusion to Bolsonaro.

In the show, the band still made room for a proposal on stage, invited a fan to play guitar, raised the LGBT symbol and, finally, Joe hung a Brazilian flag over his shoulders with the phrases “no racism, no fascism, no sexism, Green Day”, amidst the chorus of “eih, Bolsonaro, go to take your ass”, sung several times by fans.

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