Thaila Ayala denies having made an ugly face for harassment at a show

Just like last week, actress Thaila Ayala, 36, was present today at Rock in Rio alongside her husband, actor Renato Góes, 35. She said that her body returned to normal after the birth of her son Francisco and denied having made an “ugly face” last weekend due to public harassment.

The actress took advantage of the conversation with this columnist from splash to clarify that the “ugly face” shown last Sunday (4), in the City of Rock, was due to the desire to go to the bathroom.

Do you know what happened? That day it was because I was peeing my pants, literally. I still said “I really need to pee” and in a little while I’ll be here, because I was pissing myself. I still explained.
Thaila Ayala

Spending good shape, the artist said that her body has already returned to normal after the birth of her son Francisco, in December last year. She explained that she didn’t face the part where the body gains “weight and fluid” from pregnancy due to having the child prematurely.

From 33 weeks to 40 weeks is when you gain the most weight, the most fattening. The last few weeks the woman gains weight, then she gains fluid and I didn’t have the last one. It was natural [o corpo] end up coming back [ao normal] faster, because I gave birth at 33 weeks.
Thaila Ayala

Even with the challenge of taking care of a small child, the actress highlighted that she is supporting her husband – who amended the soap operas “Pantanal” and “Mar do Sertão” (both from TV Globo) – and praised him for doing everything when he has time. to the family.

“It’s his moment, right? He has to take advantage of it. I’m super supportive. All the time he has left, he’s really there. The first 15 days we were locked in the house alone, without any help, without anyone from the family. I would breastfeed and he would do absolutely everything. So, while he can be present, he is present”, he declared.

In the end, she claimed to calmly deal with the harassment of the fans towards the heartthrob and even said that her husband is jealous of the relationship. “I am a little, but he is more. I hold more,” she finished.

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