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WARNING: Spoilers for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power ahead!

who was complaining that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power had not yet shown what he came to in the field of plot can relax: in the third episode, released by Prime Video today (9), the revelations, twists and connections with the mythology of JRR Tolkien there are many, and the plot moves at a much faster pace than in the first two chapters.

Part of this comes from a reduction of subplots: we left Elrond and their projects of partnership between elves and dwarves aside, nor do we return to the story of Bronwyn and his son devoted to the dark arts. Instead, the focus is on two elves (Arondir and Galadriel) and a harfoot (Nori) struggling with their fates and trying to figure out who is friend and foe on their journeys.

The theme here is how much we need fraternity, how much seeing ourselves reflected in the other shapes who we are. With a beautiful work of direction from Wayne Yip (Utopia, Doctor Who), which especially shines in a slow-motion scene of Galadriel on horseback, the third episode of The Rings of Power continues the increasing quality of the series so far. Check out what happens in each corner of the plot:

One of the most famous human kingdoms created by Tolkien makes its live-action debut in this episode of The Rings of Power. That’s because the ship that rescues Galadriel and Halbrand from the sea takes them both to the island, where the elf explains to her traveling companion that her species hasn’t been welcomed in centuries.

Queen Miriel’s icy reception to the two soon confirms this assessment, and only Halbrand’s negotiation skills can buy time. Galadriel will be a prisoner of the palace for a few days, while the royals decide what to do with her, and whether or not to grant her what she asks for: a ship to sail to Middle-earth.

Of course, the elf is not chained for long, and she soon escapes the guards assigned to her – that is, all but Elendil, the captain of the ship that rescued her (and a major character in the history of Númenor and Middle-earth). of Tolkien, keep an eye on him!). That’s when he reveals to Galadriel that his region of the island is still faithful to elven influence.

Soon the elf and the captain are in a kind of sacred library, where Galadriel finally gets a clue about the mysterious mark of Sauron. As many fans had already deduced, this is not a character in a dark language, but rather a map of the mountainous region that would eventually become Mordor, the headquarters of the villain’s evil forces.

The mysterious character of Charlie Vickers gets more prominence in this episode. Free to roam Númenor, he tries to establish himself as a blacksmith, but finds he needs a special insignia… which he, in turn, tries to steal from a local man, with more than violent results.

Halbrand is eventually arrested, and Galadriel finds him in his cell, revealing that her research in the library has also revealed something unexpected: the crest engraved on her traveling companion’s canteen belonged to a powerful family in the south of Middle-earth, who once gathered all the tribes of the region under his banner.

The human warns Galadriel that her family has a dark legacy, as they made a blood pact with the terrible Morgoth during the war that destroyed Middle-earth. Evoking her own past, the elf promises that she will avenge her new friend’s legacy, and hints that she has guaranteed passage out of Númenor.

In the last scene of the episode, set on the human island, we see Queen Míriel visiting her father, the former king deposed for his loyalty to the elves. Although we don’t see the monarch’s face, we see Míriel looking worried as she warns: What we feared is happening. the elf arrived”.

Meanwhile, the harfoots (harfeet?) prepare to make their migration, and Nori’s family is worried about her fate if she is left behind by the caravan, given the patriarch’s broken foot. In this episode, we discover that the ancestors of hobbits did not wait for anyone during migrations, and even had a ritual in which they honored those who were left behind.

Nori is busy with other things, however, and finds in Sadoc’s book the stars that his forgetful friend conjured in the sky using fireflies. It is precisely during the aforementioned ritual that everything goes wrong, as the Stranger sets fire to the papers stolen by Nori and reveals himself to the entire tribe of harfoots.

The next day, Nori’s family is almost being left behind when Strange himself, feeling guilty for the mess he’s caused, offers to help them carry their belongings. The beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Finally, we meet the elf Arondir again after his capture in the tunnels in the previous episode. We discover that he is a prisoner of the orcs, and that he has been reunited with fellow elves from the watchtower – they are all put to work, digging for something in the name of Adar, a kind of leader the orcs revere.

Arondir and his colleagues even raise assumptions that Adar is Sauron himself, but is it really? The third episode of The Rings of Power it ends with a failed escape attempt between which Arondir’s two elven friends are killed, and he himself is taken on a date with Adar, whose face is not revealed.

Only next week!

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