TSE gives Bolsonaro 5 days to present defense on abuse of power on September 7

Minister Benedito Gonçalves, Inspector General of the Superior Electoral Court, set this Friday 9 the deadline of five days for President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and his vice candidate, Walter Braga Netto, to present their defense in the context of an action. of the PDT on the abuse of political and economic power on the 7th of September.

“In the first analysis, the initial petition fulfills the admissibility requirements”, wrote the minister.

The PDT argues that Bolsonaro used the event to promote his candidacy. In the document, the caption extends the challenge to Braga Netto.

The action asks that Bolsonaro be ineligible for eight years, in addition to the “denial of registration of candidacy or the revocation of the diploma”.

“In addition to the use of the event structure (stand, placement through the TV Brazil), which was funded by the public purse, the first investigated greeted people, posed for photos with allies and, in a speech held from atop an electric trio, urged supporters to vote for him in the first round and convince those who think ‘different from us’. , says an excerpt from the document. “It is observed, from the analysis of the speech given by the first Investigated, that there was an explicit request for votes, as well as massive use of the electoral campaign slogan.”

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