Vlei Men’s Team disputes place in the World Cup final with Poland

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The Brazilian team faces the last obstacle to reach another decision

For the seventh time in a row, the Brazilian Men’s Team reaches the semifinals of the World Volleyball Championship. A final would be sixth in a row, and an achievement, the fourth title. For that, I need to beat Poland, the hostess, this Saturday, at Spodek Arena, in Katowice (POL), at 1 pm (from Brasilia). Another step in the trajectory of a group that faced many challenges, had important casualties, but showed unity, determination and talent in a campaign that so far has five wins in five games, with only three sets lost.

“What makes me very happy is the delivery of each one. Our day to day, what is done off the court, has provided this. We have a very clear characteristic that the mixture of generations. the other is one of the most important ingredients in the formation of this team. It does not guarantee anything, but it is important. What happens during the games is a reflection of all that”, explained coach Renan Dal Zotto.

united group

The group’s unity is one of the secrets of the Brazilian team’s overcoming. Before the trip to the World Cup, Renan lost opposite Alan and center Isac to injury. In the absence of Lucarelli, with pain in the calf, Rodriguinho gave his message in the round of 16 against Br. They’re all there, ready for whatever comes and goes.

“Every time a player is injured, we are worried, because everyone is important in our team. And in those moments, those on the bench show their value. Whenever we need to, those who were away responded. today we have two starters, two athletes of immense talent. The two help each other a lot, and regardless of who is on the court, the other is out supporting. This complicity is important for our goals”, explained Renan.

Off the court, the experienced technical commission is also a trump card. “All the professionals from the technical committee, including those who did not travel with us, supported us on the way to this point. All of them have made a tremendous contribution. Each one has a very clear role. In general, we debate a lot, put many questions on the agenda, and solutions are always found together. We work with great harmony, with highly qualified professionals in all areas”, praised the coach.

In the semifinals, Brazil will have players who are among the best in the competition. Loyal to the most efficient attacker; the second highest scorer in the World, with 93 hits; and is in the top 10 of best servers. Thales leads the ranking of defenses and is sixth in reception. Flvio the fourth among the blockers; and Cachopa, fifth among lifters. All with the challenge of stopping the team that won the last two editions of the Worlds.

Coach highlights balance

“The Polish team is very consistent, they attack all the time. The best way to defend ourselves is also attacking. That means a strong serve pressing, an aggressive blocking and a working defense system. It will be an open game. They will have the support of the crowd, which brings extra motivation. But we are having a good time”, analyzed the coach.

“It is necessary to highlight the balance of men’s volleyball nowadays. Very strong teams such as France, Olympic champions and of the last Nations League, are out of the semifinals. The United States, runners-up in the League, and Argentina, bronze in the Olympic Games, also have not reached this stage. Our great mission is always to be among the best, seeking titles. It is a great pride to be among the four, but we know that we have not yet achieved anything. In the last two decades, Brazil has always been among the four best, rarely That didn’t happen. And today we want to be in the final”, he concluded.

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