Who is Little Lo, influencer mistreated by famous in RiR

Lorrane Silva, better known as Pequena Lo, said she was disrespected by a celebrity in the Rock in Rio cabin on Thursday (8).

The comedian and influencer, who uses a motorized tricycle to get around, revealed that she asked permission from the famous to get close to the grid and see one of the shows on the Mundo Stage.

The request, according to Little Lo, was ignored. “She just sent it like this: ‘Can she stay over there? I’m with two friends and we want to enjoy together'”, wrote the comedian on social media.

“What pissed me off was that she kept whispering to her friends, thinking it was bad, as if I couldn’t be there,” she continued.

Yesterday, the young artist confirmed to columnist Lucas Pasin, from splashwho was mistreated by model and presenter Ellen Jabour, 44.

“We can see from her look that she was capable. I was not alone in this. There were several people around me. The crowd saw how rude she was”, she said.

“I didn’t post for cookies, to feel sorry, it wasn’t mimimi. It was to show that each day that passes no one is better than anyone else. The least is respect everywhere”, he said.

Who is Little Lo?

With more than 11 million followers on social media, this is not the first time that Little Lo has spoken of disrespect, lack of accessibility or become a topic on the internet. The influencer has bone dysplasia, a syndrome that affects mobility and physical development.

Graduated in psychology, Little Lo became famous in 2020 for recording humorous videos on TikTok, where she has most of her followers.

At the age of 26, the comedian told Quem that she seeks to prioritize her mental health by remembering the anxiety attacks she had when she noticed her rise on social media.

I had to take medication for anxiety, but today I’m fine and learning more and more to deal with this new life. Little Lo.

Accessibility in Lola

In March, Pequena Lo complained about the lack of accessibility at Lollapalooza, a music festival that takes place every year in São Paulo.

“I had a problem due to the lack of accessibility. Events have to think about inclusion […] I think, with my voice, this will reach a lot of people. It’s not all a joke, I’m serious too. If I have that voice, let’s go after it,” he said at the time.

Little Lo wasn’t the only one to complain about Lollapalooza’s lack of mobility. Lorena Eltz and Giovanna Massera, who were at the festival, also vented on Instagram.

Catching up on ‘Farofa’

Friend of several influencers who also grew up on the internet during the pandemic, Little Lo was one of the celebrities who stole the show at “Farofa da Gkay” in December

For splashthe comedian delivered some behind-the-scenes curiosities of the three-day party promoted by Géssica Kayane in Fortaleza, Ceará.

According to her, even with the party turned into a kind of reality show, “a lot of gossip” was not published on Instagram.

“The videos of ‘catch-ups’ in ‘Farofa’ were authorized by the famous. We would talk beforehand and ask if we could publish them”, he pointed out at the time.

Grow on TikTok

Pequena Lo and Vittor Fernando, two big names on TikTok, have already given tips on how people can grow on the short video platform by participating in “OtaLab” on UOL.

“You have to do what you like. Criticism will always exist, but I discovered that what I really enjoyed doing were everyday videos”, they said.

‘BBB’? Better not?

The comedian refused to participate in Big Brother Brasil, a reality show on TV Globo, during a live on Instagram with presenter Bruno De Luca.

“I don’t think so. I had the urge before I became a public person, nowadays it’s more difficult. People are hoping for a slip to rip people off.”

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