With his voice in ruins, Billy Idol stars in the festival’s biggest embarrassment

The tragedies of ‘Eyes Without a Face’ and Axl Rose light up a signal: how long will the event insist on deteriorating attractions?


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Warnings have been sounding in this Rock In Rio all the time, something that should make the production of a strong brand like this think if it’s really worth following behind artists in deteriorated conditions. After the vocal catastrophe announced and reinforced in an article here in Estadão about Axl Rose – he himself apologized for the horrifying night he gave his fans on Thursday – this Friday night, the 9th, it was Billy Idol’s turn. His voice was already bad, very bad, singing everything on the beam, but it got worse in the classic Eyes Without a Face, from 1984. Even singing this song for almost 40 years, Idol couldn’t find the tone of the song and stopped twice embarrassingly. .

Billy Idol at Rock in Rio: shame
Billy Idol at Rock in Rio: shame Photograph: Antonio Lacerda EFE

The embarrassment was enormous, and it was not restricted to Eyes Without a Face. Other songs also had hesitations, loss of voice, out of tune and revealed some possible state of intoxication. At 66, Idol is terrible on stage. It’s sad to see him running to get some support from the musicians who, awkwardly, look at each other trying to decide whether to stop the show or move on. His voice comes out of time, gets lost, comes out without volume. A duet between him and Axl Rose would be the soundtrack to the Apocalypse.

In an interview with Estadão, businessman Roberto Medina said that fans, who are really fans, don’t care about details like these, about out of tune. They would listen to music with their hearts, not their ears. Really? Wouldn’t it be prudent, and honest, to invest in more curation and fieldwork? Is it really worth insisting on Guns ‘N’ Roses until Axl Rose’s last breath on the World stage while putting Jessie J, with all her vigor, on Sunset? With the history it has, Rock in Rio just cannot become a case of Procon.

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