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Even with a bombastic presence at San Diego Comic Con, it seems that the disney still kept a few tricks up his sleeve for his own event, the D23 Expo. On the second day, the company showed even more news from marvel studios, LucasFilm and 20th Century Studios (the former Fox) – including a breathtaking new trailer of The Mandalorian.

Check out everything disney presented on the second day of D23 Expo below!

LucasFilm – Star Wars and such

The first segment brought in LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy to talk about the studio’s upcoming projects, bringing a major highlight to Star Wars and Indiana Jones.


The next series in a galaxy far, far away is Andor, which explores the origin of Rebel Alliance. The panel brought Diego Luna, who in addition to being the protagonist is also the executive producer of the series. And along with a new trailer, he re-confirmed that the first three episodes arrive at September 21st.


In addition to Star Wars, LucasFilm was responsible for a number of nostalgic productions in the 1980s, including Willow – In the Land of Magic. As previously announced, the film will get a sequel in the form of a Disney+ original series. A new trailer has been released confirming the launch for November 20.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the sequel to The Clone Wars that tracks flawed clones, is getting a second season. The animation follows the beginning of the empire and the arrival of the stormtroopers. The launch was scheduled for this month, but a new trailer revealed that the new series will only arrive in January 4, 2023.

They don’t come anymore… Not this year…

Star Wars: Stories of the Jedi

Tales of the Jedi, a new series of shorts, will delve into the past histories of the Jedi. This is how we will see for the first time the origin story of Ahsokasince she was a baby, and from the jedi era of Count Dooku. With the same visual style as The Clone Wars, the six episodes arrive on Disney+ in october 26.


Ahsokathe series starring Rosario Dawsonwill arrive in 2023. We haven’t had a teaser yet, but the first official images have been released showing connections with rebels and Sabine Wren’s live-action debut.

Sabine Wren in live action

Skeleton Crew

It was also commented on the new series of Star Warsdirected by Jon Watts of Spider-Man and starring Jude Lawthe Dumbledore of Fantastic Beasts. Skeleton Crew arrives in 2023.

Jude Law in Star Wars

The Mandalorian

the third season of The Mandalorian is probably the most anticipated project by Star Wars fans. And finally, the first teaser was released on the D23 panel. However, the previously announced date was not shown, which may indicate a postponement coming.

Indiana Jones 5

A preview of Indiana Jones 5 only for those who attended the event. The premiere is scheduled for June 30, 2023.

Indiana Jones 5 remains a mystery.

marvel studios

Avengers Musical opened the second segment.

The second segment was dedicated exclusively to marvel studioscommanded by Kevin Feige. After a live performance of the Avengers musical, seen in Archer hawkthe company began revealing news about the films, starting with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Unfortunately, anyone who has been waiting for a new trailer for Black Panther 2 is going to be sucking their thumbs. The panel brought exclusive footage from the film and a trailer, but only for those who were present at the event. The description of what happened you can check in our article.

Black Panther fans watched ships.


The same happened with Ironheart, the series of Iron heart. One teaser was only shown for the event, confirming that Anthony Ramos will be playing the Hood. The series will explore the conflict of magic and technology and is scheduled for 2023.

Ironheart’s logo has been slightly updated. The heart has Wakanda colors and the font is more coppery.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania promises to be the great pillar of the dispute for the multiverse, bringing kang in Jonathan Majors as the main villain. Jimmy Woowho appeared in the second film and in Wandavision, also makes its return. The preview was exclusive to the event and you can check the description on our website.

Jonathan Majors will return as Kang.

Werewolf in the Night

Amazingly, one of the highlights was the horror special werewolf, werewolf by night, which arrives this Halloween. The short pays homage to classic horror movies, in black and white, with some level of gore and macabre creatures from the Marvel comics. The special debut day october 7th.

Secret Invasion

What happened to Nick Fury during all this time gone? The new event series Secret Invasion promises to bring some answers. During the panel, a trailer was released showing the heavy atmosphere of a spy movie, with the Skrull at the center of everything.

Armor Wars

Don CheadleO War machineappeared in the trailer for Secret Invasion. After that, he appeared on stage for a small update of his own series. According to the same, filming begins in 2023 and the story takes place shortly after Secret Invasion.

Armor Wars has its logo updated.


For the second season of Loki, Jonathan Majors will be back as Kang, with more action scenes. Ke Huy Quanin Everything Everywhere at the Same Time, also joins the cast. Exclusive scenes were shown at the event.

Another protector of the multiverse arrives in the series.

Fantastic Four

About Fantastic Fourall that has been confirmed is the director Matt Shakman as the project manager. No casting information has been released.


the cast of echo took to the stage to confirm that the series recordings had come to an end. The premiere is for 2023 and a preview was shown, for those present, in which the Kingpin has a bandage over his eye, as a consequence of the outcome of Archer hawk.


Charlie Cox took the stage to show the participation of demolisher in She-Hulk. An updated logo of his series was also displayed.

Daredevil logo updated with hero symbol.

Captain America: New World Order

Captain America: New World Order, unbelievably, brought a lot of new stuff. To begin with, it was confirmed that Carl Lumbly and Danny Ramirez will reprise their roles as Falcon and the Winter Soldieras Isaiah Bradley is the new Hawk. It was also confirmed that Tim Blake Nelson it will be Leaderoriginally seen in The incredible Hulk.

Logo updated with the hero’s uniform.


thunderboltsthe new team of anti-heroes from Marvel, announced the formation of the team in the MCU – value, Ghost, Red Guardian, Yelena Belova, Winter Soldier, US Agent and Coach.

The Thunderbolts cast has been confirmed.

the marvels

Finally, the list of the marvels came up to promote the Captain Marvel sequel. A teaser was shown, also exclusive to the event, which you can read the description here.

Captain Marvel will return soon.

20th Century Studios – Avatar 2

To close, the only film in the 20th Century Studios who showed up at the event was Avatar 2: The Water Path. 3D glasses were distributed so the local public could watch a preview that was not publicly released.

Avatar 2 promises great visuals.

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