Beatrice becomes Councilor of State after Elizabeth II’s death

Princess Beatrice, 34, has been given a new role following the death of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, who is the ninth person in line to the British throne, has now become a State Councilor.

This means that she is part of the small group of royals who can represent King Charles III when necessary — in case of illness or absence due to travel abroad, for example. Beatrice’s duties include attending private board meetings, signing routine documents and receiving credentials for new ambassadors to the UK.

Among the duties the princess is prohibited from performing are handling Commonwealth affairs, appointing prime ministers or dissolving Parliament — unless she is instructed to do one of the activities by the king.

Before Elizabeth’s death, King Charles (formerly Prince), and Princes William, Harry and Andrew were the four councilors of state. Vacancies are filled according to the line of succession to the British throne and can only be filled by royals who are over 21 years old.

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