Brazil loses to Poland and will fight for bronze at the World Cup | volleyball

From the bench, Bruninho sang a foul and hinted that luck was on Brazil’s side. The first set of Saturday’s semi-final gave signs that it would be an easy game, but Poland was determined to go ahead in the competition played at home. The Brazilian team said goodbye to the spot in the men’s volleyball World Cup final by taking the turn and being defeated by 3 sets to 2, with partials of 23/25, 25/18, 25/20, 21/25 and 15/12. Now, Brazil will dispute the bronze medal.

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Brazil has not stopped going to the final of a World Cup since 1998, in the edition held in Japan, when it finished fourth. Now, Renan Dal Zotto’s team will face Slovenia, which was defeated by Italy by 3 sets to 0. The fight for the bronze medal will be this Sunday, at 13:00 (Brasília time). The sportv2 broadcasts live, and the ge tracks everything in real time.

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Leal tries to attack in the semifinal against Poland at the Volleyball World Cup – Photo: FIVB

Brazil had two great moments in the game, but then couldn’t resist a structured and brave Poland on the court. In the first set, the selection saw a great performance by the pointer Lucarelli and had the experience of the setter Bruninho. From the bench, the captain sang a free-kick on the net that guaranteed the partial. In the fourth set, he entered the court and forced the tie-break for Brazil. Lucarelli felt the left calf, and the lack of the other attackers was clear.

Leal showed up little for the game, and Wallace only appeared with Bruninho in the play. The Poles, on the other hand, had team volume. In addition to the good performance of the libero Zatorski, Kurek, Sliwka and Semeniuk balanced the offensive actions and guaranteed their spot in the final.

Best moments of the game

Best moments of Poland 3 x 2 Brazil in the Men's Volleyball World Cup semifinal

Best moments of Poland 3 x 2 Brazil in the Men’s Volleyball World Cup semifinal

Kurek – 24 points
Semeniuk – 23 points
Lucarelli – 18 points
Loyal – 13 points

Attack Points:
Brazil: 55
Poland: 66

Blocking points:
Brazil: 8
Poland: 10

Drop points:
Brazil: 3
Poland: 3

Points on opponent errors:
Brazil: 30
Poland: 34

Poland celebrates spot in the Volleyball World Cup final – Photo: FIVB

1st set – Bruninho guarantees the set for Brazil

Normal the irregular start in front of a completely packed gym and with absolutely no supporters. Brazil felt the weight of the game and the strength of Poland’s serve, which did not ease at any moment in the first set. The home team came to open three points of advantage, and coach Renan Dal Zotto asked for time. The selection equalized the match at 9 to 9 and then got ahead on the scoreboard with a great performance by Lucarelli: 16 to 13.

The loot grief tactic no longer worked for the Poles. There were consecutive mistakes, which left Brazil with an even more comfortable margin in the partial: 19 to 15. The selection, now safe and with a well-defined scheme on the court, played point by point. Poland reacted impressively and when they thought they would draw the match at 24-24, Bruninho – from the bench – saw a fault in the net and asked coach Renan to request the challenge. Brazil point and set: 25 to 23.

2nd set – Poland absolute return in the partial

Poland returned for the second set determined to take back the reins of the game. Kurek and Sliwka took over the attacking actions and were responsible for the wide advantage of the score: 16 to 10. Brazil felt the opponent’s game change and started to make many mistakes. Renan Dal Zotto chose to remove the setter Fernando Cachopa and put captain Bruninho on the court. Right on his first move, he committed two touches that were much contested by the technical commission of Brazil.

Renan asked for time to try to reorganize the selection, but it was no use. Kurek continued strong in the attack, maintaining the advantage in the marker: 21 to 15. Darlan was called in place of Wallace, but he missed the serve and left the court in the sequence. With tranquility, Poland closed the second partial in 25 to 18 and left everything the same in the match.

3rd set – Semeniuk does damage in the attack

Lucão knew the way was to stop Kurek and Sliwka. On his return to the court, the central Olympic champion did his homework and left Brazil in the lead. He was also important in attack. The selection made a good start to the third set, but then couldn’t resist Poland’s passing line. The hosts adjusted and gave a lot of work, with the Semeniuk pointer determining the partial.

Coach Renan Dal Zotto looked for alternatives and asked for time, but Brazil did not know how to take advantage of the opportunities. Even triggered by Cachopa, back in the team since the beginning of the set, Leal and Wallace weren’t running the balls. Semeniuk, in turn, continued to score points and set another partial for Poland: 25-20.

Lucão was consistent throughout the semifinal against Poland – Photo: FIVB

4th set – Bruninho keeps Brazil in the game

The setter Bruninho started the fourth set on court. The energy changed, and the plays began to flow more easily. The captain then called the opposite Wallace, who responded very efficiently. Lucarelli kept turning the balls, and Brazil was building a good lead on the scoreboard. Dejected, unable to enter the game, Leal gave way to Rodriguinho.

Poland tried to equalize the partial, but Bruninho maintained the intensity of the selection. With 22 to 18 on the scoreboard, Lucarelli again felt pain in his left calf and left the court. The pointer Adriano was triggered and defended an important ball. In a block by Bruninho, Brazil closed at 25 to 21 and forced the tiebreaker set.

5th set – Polish team strength

Coach Renan Dal Zotto called Leal for the decisive set. Adriano returned to the bench, and Rodriguinho continued on the court in place of Lucarelli. The energy of the previous set remained in the team and Poland clearly felt the possibility of losing the game. Brazil started ahead, with Wallace turning an important ball. Central Flávio and Lucão made great plays with Bruninho.

The game was very even, with the teams exchanging points. Poland grew up on a mistake of Brazil. Supported by the crowd, which did not stop singing a single minute, the home team engaged a good sequence of attacks that destabilized the Brazilian team. There was a chance to turn around, but Wallace hesitated in the attack and gave the victory to Poland: 15 to 12.

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