Brazilian player suffers offense after declaring vote for Bolsonaro

Brazilian player Lucas Moura suffered offenses this Saturday, 10, after declaring his vote for President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). On social media, the midfielder also criticized the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, which annihilated at least 100 million people.

“My political opinion is clear, everyone knows,” he said, in an interview with journalist Rica Perrone. “I took a lot of beatings in 2018, when I hadn’t even positioned myself. I only liked some posts, but I got caught anyway. We live in a democracy. I’m a conservative, right-wing guy. I defend Christian, family principles.”

According to the Tottenham player, from England, the current president is the one who comes closest to his ideals. “There is no denying it: Bolsonaro is the closest to what I believe in,” he said. “It is the ideology that I think is correct for our country. Lula defends pretty much everything I am against — leftist ideology, socialism and, at the highest level, communism.”

Moura also recalled the corruption scandals of the Workers’ Party (PT). “I disagree with a lot of things Bolsonaro does and says, there are a lot of criticisms to be made,” she noted. “Now, defending Lula is impossible.”

On social media, the athlete suffered attacks after criticizing leftist ideologies. “Communism is the most advanced stage of socialism,” wrote Moura, responding to the insults of sports journalist João Marcos Santana, from the Throw!. “And for me, communism and Nazism are two aberrations. Both have killed millions of people and are indefensible regimes! But if you want to fight back, prove it here, with a successful example of communism.”

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