Bye Wires: Wi-Fi 7 will be up to 2.4x faster, with lower latency and longer range

Intel and Broadcom demonstrate the standard they say will be the definitive platform for the next 10 years

Intel and the Broadcom made the first demonstration of the technology WiFi 7 this week. The companies released a video with speed tests performed on a notebook equipped with a Intel Core processor and a solution WiFi 7 connected to an access point Broadcom WiFi 7.

According to Broadcomusers should be able to enjoy up to 2.4x higher transfer rates, lower latency and a wider range. Carlos CordeiroIntel Fellow and Director of Wireless Technologies for the Client Computing Group at Inteland Vijay Nagarajanvice president of the wireless connectivity division at Broadcomexplained a little about the technology capable of delivering 5 gigabits per second.

To deliver high speeds, the standard utilizes features such as 320 MHz channels in the unlicensed 6 GHz spectrum, 4K QAM data modulation, simultaneous multi-band connections, and multilink operation.

With wireless technologies getting much faster, and routers following the same path and supporting a much larger number of connected devices at the same time, making it natural to migrate from wired connections to wireless connections, even on computers of table. Currently, several motherboard manufacturers already offer WiFi on their cards, and as the technology gets even faster, it can gain more space in this type of product.

Wi-Fi 7: What is it and what’s next for wireless connectivity?

Wi-Fi 7 Potential

Set by Intel and Broadcom such as “ultimate platform for the next 10 years of wireless experiences”O WiFi 7 should help users to be able to perform activities that require a high data load stably more easily. Among the tasks listed by the companies are, for example, augmented and virtual reality solutions, 16K ultra high definition media streaming, as well as working and playing quickly, responsively and with more than one connected device.

“What happened today sends a clear message: the ecosystem is ready and Wi-Fi 7 is here to deliver extraordinary capacity, with lightning-fast speeds, guaranteeing broadband extension, reaching the gigabit house”describe Vijay Nagarajan.

Latest Wi-Fi Standard and Future Wi-Fi 7

To date, the fastest pattern of WiFi available to the public is the WiFi 6Ereleased in 2020. The version 6E has a dedicated spectrum with up to seven 160 MHz channels, which allows the technology to deliver wireless connection speeds up to 3 times faster than the WiFi 5for example, in addition to having other advantages compared to previous standards.

O WiFi 7 promises a capacity greater than the WiFi 6E, but it will still take some time before it is available to the public and even longer before it becomes popular. The expectation is that in early 2024 a final version is released.


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