Can I make purchases ABOVE the Nubank card limit? New function starts slowly

Currently, one of the most used banks in Brazil does not exist physically. Nubank is known for being a fintech, that is, a virtual bank. It is one of the main choices among users in the country, as it offers very advantageous opportunities for the population.

To further improve the service offered to the population, the company invests in new services. It is what is happening now. Discover the news about Nubank.

Can I make purchases ABOVE the Nubank card limit?  New function starts slowly
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New at Nubank

Nubank started the testing phase on the Over-the-Limit Purchases function with some selected customers. Using this new functionality, it is possible to make purchases that exceed the maximum amount established by the credit card limit.

However, it is worth remembering that releases are being carried out gradually for customers. The bank explains that now, purchases that would be denied due to the limit will now be evaluated and can be released.

Some users are receiving a message sent by the company, where it is explained that the test is 100% free, however, even if the profile was selected to test the novelty, there is no guarantee that the value will be released by the population.

For this reason, it is important to understand that the company does not guarantee that the purchase will be accepted. Thus, it is worth highlighting once again that the value will be evaluated and only then released to the user.

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customer complaints

Many users end up not being happy with Nubank’s novelty. Thus, some used the social network Twitter to comment on their dissatisfaction with the news. That’s because complaints about limit adjustments are not new to bank users.

It is worth remembering that even offering the opportunity for many people to have access to a credit card, the institution does not usually facilitate the application process in increasing the limits. And because of that, users ended up finding the offer a little “suspicious”.

In addition, some people commented on the debt situation in the country, since a large part of the population faces problems paying their bills. This data was officially raised by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), which comments on the possibility that 80% of families are in debt, which shows a record in the country’s situation.

One of the users of the social network commented that the company wants to encourage people to get into this situation. Thus, the new modality would be another opportunity for this.

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