Charles III earned R$141.6 million a year as a landowner

Charles III, who became king this Saturday (10), earned millions as a landowner.  Photo: Jane Barlow / Pool / REUTERS.

Charles III, who became king this Saturday (10), earned millions as a landowner. Photo: Jane Barlow / Pool / REUTERS.

  • Duchy of Cornwall generated for King Charles III an annual income of $27.5 million a year;

  • Duchy laws made Charles III the greatest landowner in England;

  • The monarch’s current wealth is estimated to be around $1.5 billion.

With the proclamation of Charles III as the new monarch of England this Saturday (10), after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday (8), the royal family’s finances became a topic of discussion on the internet. According to the Fox Business portal, the title as Duke of Cornwall is estimated to have earned the king a great fortune.

The county, where the duchy in question is located, in the extreme southwest of the country, generated for the current monarch an annual income of US$ 27.5 million, about R$ 141.6 million, at the current exchange rate, which was used to his own livelihood as well as that of his wife Camilla and their children Princes William and Harry and their respective families.

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A duchy is a private property that provides income for the heir of the reigning monarch. In 1337, King Edward III established the charter which decreed that the Duke of Cornwall should be the eldest son of the monarch and heir to the throne.

The letter pointed out that the duchy included a title, an honor, land holdings and also finances to support them.

Duchy laws made Charles III the largest landowner in England, with around 135,000 acres spread across 23 counties, including the rental of 600 residential units and over 700 farm leases, or 13% of the county’s land.

It is estimated that the current wealth of the new king is US$ 1.5 billion, equivalent to about R$ 7.7 billion.

*With information from Fox Business.

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