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Ciro Gomes
Ciro Gomes (PDT) shot Bolsonaristas after attempted aggression in Porto Alegre, this Saturday (10/9) (photo: Social Networks/Reproduction)

Ciro Gomes, candidate of the PDT Presidency of the Republic, reacted on social networks after being the target of an attempted aggression by a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) this Saturday (10/9). On Twitter, Ciro said that he did not suffer any injuries and stated that “there are a lot of bolsonaristas who, in addition to being weak and cowardly, are liars”.

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In a series of posts on the social network, the pedestrian commented on what he called an “incident” involving a Bolsonaro supporter during a campaign visit in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. “I want to say that everything is fine, nothing happened to me. (…) Today we were at the Farroupilha Camp, where I was received with great affection”.

Man said to be armed

Ciro continued the report saying that, at a given moment, the Bolsonarista man arrived, making provocations and claiming to be armed. “He was removed from the scene and later we found out he wasn’t armed with anything. There are a lot of bolsonaristas around who, in addition to being weak and cowardly, are liars”, he shot.

threat of aggression

The presidential campaign team issued a note to inform that a supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro tried to attack the PDT candidate this Saturday (10/9). According to Ciro’s team initially reported, the man was armed and even physically attacked people who make up the pedestrian’s entourage.

“A man was removed by the Federal Police from the Farroupilha Camp, this Saturday afternoon (10/9), after trying to attack Ciro Gomes and his team. The man, a Bolsonaro supporter, was armed and tried to cause confusion during the passage of the delegation from Ciro pelo Acampamento, a traditional event held in Porto Alegre”, reads an excerpt from the note.

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