Cobra Kai, Season 6 on Netflix: Everything We Know

Snake Kai It’s back on Netflix, so put your Kimonos back on and let’s get back on the mat. After a few seasons on Youtube Premium, Netflix acquired the production, becoming one of the service’s biggest successes. Therefore, each season is eagerly awaited by fans.

In new episodes of Snake Kai, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso have finally found a way to bury their decades-long rivalry, and found a great ally to exact revenge. Fortunately, there was no better enemy to take down than Terry Silver and his growing horde of dojo-obsessed members.

Finally establishing the balance between their ways of life, it feels like they are really learning from each other. In addition, the series further expanded the Miyagiverse, revealing new details about the origin of the famous dojo. We also saw the first female sensei Kim Da-Eun.

Finally Mike Barnes, from Karate Kid 3 returned, changing the paradigm of the series drastically. Still, the series left several loose ends, with fans questioning whether season 6 of Snake Kai will happen. Well, here’s what we know about the future of the series.

The 6th season of Snake Kai

Cutting to the chase, Netflix has yet to confirm Season 6 of Snake Kai. But, fans need not worry, after all, the chances of the service canceling the series are minimal. However, attention was drawn to the fact that the service did not renew in advance, as in previous seasons.

In any case, the series remains one of the most popular on the service. In fact, at the time of writing, the series leads most of the countries where the service is available. Finally, it is worth taking into account what the creators of the series said.

In July 2022, John Hurwitz responded about the future of the series on Twitter. When asked about the new season, the creator stated:

“All I can say is that we hope more of the series will come and that the Miyagiverse is far from over.”

So, it seems, the confirmation of the 6th season of Snake Kai seems to be a matter of time. Still, the official renewal by the service should be confirmed in the coming days.

Season 6 premiere of Snake Kai

For now, stating any release date is pure speculation. However, looking back at the release of previous seasons, we see that fans won’t have to wait long. The difference between this and other seasons is precisely the production.

In the other seasons, the renewal came before the current season premiere. That is, the recordings took place even before the release of the season. As the series has not yet been renewed, the producers have not yet started recording.

In this way, an assertive prediction for the 6th season of Snake Kai is for October 2023.

The end of season 1

As with the previous season, several loose ends remained in the final episode. Over the course of the season, we see that Kreese is in prison and totally out of the picture.

Still, his dojo begins to become popular, under Silver’s management. However, despite the success, not everything is perfect for the dojo. After she finds out that Silver paid the referee for her match with Sam, Tory is disillusioned. This increases after Kim Da-Eun and her instructors join the Dojo’s extensive chain.

Tory forms a great sisterly bond with Devon Lee, and tries to protect the younger girl from the brutal teaching methods of the new. Snake Kai. Seeking guidance and help, she seeks out Kreese in prison, and the sensei uses a scheme that causes Daniel to get hurt. Horrified, Tory leaves Silver and she and Sam end up becoming friends.

From there, several events unfold. Between them, Daniel and Johnny discover that Silver’s plan is to enter the biggest tournament in the world, the Sekai Taikai. So, they decide to intervene. Daniel is confronted by Barnes, who accuses him of ruining his life. Daniel reveals that Silver was behind it all. Then Barnes, Johnny and Chosen fight Silver, though Daniel doesn’t approve.

Chozen is seriously injured during his encounter with Silver, but survives. However, what would Cobra Kai be without a big fight? The final fight is, of course, between Daniel and Silver. Unlike the first fight of the beginning of the season, Daniel wins.

After watching the video of Silver confessing to Tory that he paid the referee, the students leave the Snake Kai in large scale. The season finale shows Silver being arrested.

Kreese’s Escape

Will Cobra Kai have a season 6?  kreese is alive
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

In the season finale, Daniel and Johnny are informed by a police detective that Kreese was killed by a fellow inmate. However, this is not true. After exhausting all exit options, Kreese sets up an incident in which he appears to be stabbed by one of his minions.

He subsequently renders his guards unconscious, takes his doctor’s clothes, and flees. Certainly, as long as Kreese is at large, we can hope that the legacy of Snake Kai will continue. By the way, this was a great decision by the creators to keep Kreese as a villain. This gave the character more complexity, especially when exploring the backstory.

Although the dojo is at its lowest level since Johnny brought it back, he is still eligible to compete in the Sekai Taikai.

The possible plots of Season 6 of Snake Kai

There are many sub-plots that the series must address going forward. However, it is clear that the last year has left two major outstanding topics. Kreese still maintains his revenge plans after his prison break and the Sekai Taikai international championship.

For sure, Kreese will remember how Johnny and Daniel screwed him over while they were in prison. After all, they lied about getting him a lawyer. In this way, Season 6 of Snake Kai should show how he will react to the way he has been tricked.

However, he will also seek revenge on Silver. But, he also feels guilty for Tory and for dragging her into her scheme. Regarding the Sekai Taikai, it is one of the most prestigious Karate championships in the world.

If the group stays together long enough, they can share their teachings – and Mr. Miyagi – with the whole world.

Cast: Who Returns for Season 6 of Snake Kai?

Certainly, the 6th season of Snake Kai will not give up its protagonists. That is, William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) and Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) will be back. These two characters would be nothing without the key women in their lives – Amanda (Courtney Henggeler) and Carmen (played by Vanessa Rubio).

Key members from the Karate Kid franchise also return. Thus, we will again see Yuji Okumoto (Chozen) and Martin Kove (John Kreese). Thomas Ian Griffith (Terry Silver), may also reappear, after all, he doesn’t go down without a fight and now has nothing to lose.

As for the teens, we’ll see again Xolo Maridueña (Miguel), Tanner Buchanan (Robby), Tory (Peyton List), Mary Mouser (Sam), Jacob Bertrand (Eli/Falcão) and Gianni DeCenzo (Demetri). Dallas Dupree Young (Kenny) and powerful newcomer Oona O’Brien (Devon) may also return.

Kim Da-eun (played by Alicia Hannah-Kim) could also return for Season 6 of Snake Kai. She has her own grudge to settle in private. The character needs to fulfill a promise to her father to win the Sekai Taikai tournament, and she probably won’t be too happy that Silver’s behavior caused such a major setback.

Finally, new members can be added to the cast. In addition, other characters from the Karate Kid franchise, who have yet to appear, may return.

6th season of Snake Kai will be the last?

Cobra Kai will have season 6 as its last
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

It’s still too early to say if season 6 of Snake Kai will be the last. However, Netflix’s decisions to shut down several successful productions at their peak have drawn attention. Of the service’s popular series, Stranger Things, Lucifer, Ozark and La Casa de Papel have all been shut down in recent years.

Thus, the question arose if, this is not the time to end the series. Ahead of the season four premiere, Josh Heald revealed to collider that there were plans ready for two more seasons. That is, the fifth and sixth season. Held stated:

“Sometimes it has changed, but it hasn’t changed either. We still have a final plan. We are still writing beyond Season 5.”

In turn, Jon Hurwitz in the same interview, talked about the 6th season of Snake Kai be the last:

“We never said from the beginning how many seasons there would be. I think we’ve always seen that at least six was in our heads, but we’re still figuring out exactly how long that landing is for all the reasons Josh mentioned.”

In any case, new information should emerge soon.

Series can gain derivatives

In case fans are worried about the series ending, they can expect spin-offs to appear in the near future. The idea is to assemble the “Myiagiverso”, in the best style of the MCU. To comic bookactor Ralph Macchio, who is also a producer on the series, stated:

“The thing that was created, there is this Karate Kid cinematic universe now, where the show is, you know, at the center of it and when that day comes for a landing, there are other areas to draw inspiration from.”

The protagonist of the 6th season of Snake Kai further stated:

“I mean, if it is… Is there an origin story for Miyagi? Is there a Cobra Kai prequel before Karate Kid? Are there spin-offs with some of the young cast of these characters? Who knows? But we are not. done as long as we have the opportunity to actually bring that. As long as it evolves organically, these guys who write the show really have their finger on the pulse of it.”

6th season of Snake Kai already have scenes ready

Cobra Kai: Season 6 has scenes ready
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

It is true that the recordings of the new season have not yet started. But, according to Ralph Macchio, some scenes are already done. It so happens that these scenes used in the possible 6th season of Snake Kaiwere actually inherited from the previous year.

There are things that they wrote in season three that didn’t happen until season four, because there was no more room in season three. There are things that were in season five that we know we filmed that are being held for the future if we get that green light, so there’s more to come, hopefully.”

What to watch while you wait?

Unlike previous seasons, the show’s new year may take a little longer than planned. Therefore, we separate some productions that, in some respect, are similar to the Snake Kai. With that, fans can go killing the nostalgia until the season is released.

  1. Wu Assassins (Netflix);
  2. Into The Badlands (Amazon Prime Video);
  3. Warrior (HBO Max);
  4. Iron Fist (Disney Plus);
  5. Bounty Hunters (Netflix).

So are you looking forward to season 6 of Snake Kai?

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