Come on, Bill! Understand the meme that rocked on social media


Come on, Bill? Bill Morais is the owner of the nickname that went viral on social media

The new catchphrase “Bora, Bill” appeared throughout this week in a video recorded in the countryside of Ceará, in the city of Croatá. It only takes a few minutes on any social network to come across the meme, whose main character is the soccer coach of an amateur team.

The game played between friends even reached the star Neymar, who reproduced the catchphrase in a new version, adapted for a friend of the player.

He changed the meme to “Bora, Gil”, to fit the name of Gil Cebola, with whom he plays pranks. Look:

How did “Bora, Bill” go viral?

The meme is a video from the TV channel 100 Frescura da Betânia, on YouTube. The page uses good humor to talk about football, focusing on regional matches broadcast with a relaxed narration. Look:

During the video, a fan can be heard repeatedly yelling “Bora, Bill” to a team coach, who had “Bill” written on his shirt. His reaction ended up amusing netizens.

Afterwards, the fan who records and narrates the video still calls other members of Bill’s family. He points the camera at a child and then at a woman, and calls out, “Come on, Bill’s son. Let’s go, Bill’s wife.”

Who is Bill?

Bill is, in fact, Bill Morais, a 40-year-old from Ceará and already a regular character on the channel. In addition to being an amateur coach at “Andrade Esporte” and “Red Bill”, teams in the region, he appears in several videos being the target of jokes on the channel.

Bill lives in Bethânia, the district that gives the channel its name, in the city of Croatá. The municipality is located about 270 kilometers from Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará.

Despite the great commotion, “Bora, Bill” is nothing new for 100 Freshness. This phrase is already old and appeared in several posts. So far, the technician already has more than 160 thousand followers and with the sudden success, the numbers only grow.

TV 100 Frescura has almost 100 thousand subscribers. The viral video, for now, has already received more than 540,000 views. In fact, the number of publications with the catchphrase has increased significantly on the channel’s profile on social networks.

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