Ex-BBB Bárbara Heck comments on controversies with Jade

Present on the penultimate day of Rock in Rio, influencer and former BBB Bárbara Hack talked to splash about the post-BBB controversies with Jade Picon.

Allies in the house, Jade sent a heartbroken emoji to Barbara on the ‘Queridometer of the Eliminated’ and stopped following the model on social media as soon as she left the house.

“This happened right after she left there. I was a little upset with Jade. I was defending her out here, even though her team had pulled a joint effort to eliminate me”, said Bárbara.

“At the time, I was very angry with her attitude. Then I understood that, when we leave, we receive a lot of information about everything that happened out here. And you can be confused by what happened beyond the confinement. But we had the opportunity to meet, talk and make things clear,” he added.

She also commented on keeping friends outside the house with the people who were her allies in the game.

“People question this thing of maintaining a friendship outside the house a lot. But no one realizes that, inside, they are participants of very different ecosystems. Inside, you are forced to live with people who have nothing to do with you. . It’s normal for someone to go one way out here. But it’s logical that if I meet a former confinement colleague, I say, greet. There are people I’m more intimate with, but it’s not called friendship out here.” , said.

About news that involve her name in controversies, Bárbara said she had gotten used to it.

“I think I’ve had time to get used to and shield myself from everything that is published. And it was before entering the program, because I was already used to people having a wrong image about me. I imagined myself entering the BBB already cancelled, because of that,” he said.

“The first impression people have of me is never a good one. They imagine that I’m unfriendly, that I look disgusting and fresh. I’ve gotten used to it, because it’s been that way my whole life. likes me is because he doesn’t know me,” he added.

Still, she celebrated her participation in “BBB 22”.

“It was really worth participating in the BBB, it’s always worth an experience. I get messages from people who want to participate, asking if it’s worth the energy investment. They ask me for advice on how to get into the program. And it’s a unique experience, because not many people who have the opportunity to live it. Regardless of what the outcome of the game is, it’s worth surrendering”, he added.

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