Fernanda Vasconcellos opens the game and exposes difficulties she had during pregnancy: “I reached my limit”


The actress revealed that she had several complications and that she had low immunity.

Photo: Instagram/Fernanda Vasconcellos
Photo: Instagram/Fernanda Vasconcellos

Fernanda Vasconcellos had difficulties while he was pregnant of the first child, Romeofruit of the marriage with the presenter Cassio Reis. During an interview with the channel ‘Mil e uma Tretas’, on YouTube, the actress revealed that she had several complications and that she had low immunity, which caused great concern.

The famous said that she got bewildered at times during her pregnancy: “Some situations have already happened, I don’t know if there will be a worse moment. But I’ve sometimes felt this feeling of: ‘I’ve reached my limit. what do I do?’. To cry, to try to understand”, he explained.

THE actress also commented on what it was like to have low immunity: “There was a day when I had a low resistance (immunological) because you don’t sleep. Then I got sick. But it was a patient where you even feel the lack of sleep. Then I started breastfeeding with a mask on. It got so horrible… And then it went away. The next day it was better”, he said.

Fernanda also commented on the difficulties she had in the first days of her firstborn’s life: “One thing that took me out of this place was trying to understand that his crying and lack of sleep comes from a place that I also know: fear, insecurity , of being in a place I’ve never been before. I’ve lived it in many situations: at work, in the pandemic”, he concluded.

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