Fernanda Vasconcellos opens up about difficulties in motherhood

The actress Fernanda Vasconcellos opened her heart and described the difficulties who faced after the birth of their first child, Romeofruit of the marriage with presenter Cassio Reis, in a chat on the channel ‘A thousand and one bullshit’on Youtube.

In this ocasion, the famous said she suffered from fatigue and low immunity in the first months of her firstborn’s life. “Some situations have already happened, I don’t know if there will be a worse moment. But I’ve had this feeling a few times, ‘I’ve reached my limit. And now? What do I do?’. To cry, to try to understandsaid.


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“Then there was a day that I had a low resistance (immunological) because you don’t sleep. Then I got sick. But it was a disease where you even feel the lack of sleep. Then I started breastfeeding with a mask. It got so horrible… And then it happened. The next day was better.” said Fernanda Vasconcellos, who declared that she recognized the mixed feelings for the first-time experience.

“But one thing that took me out of that place was trying to understand that his crying and lack of sleep comes from a place I also know: from fear, from insecurity, from being in a place I’ve never been before. I experienced this in many situations: at work, in the pandemic”pointed out the famous.

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