FIES application is launched for debt renegotiation

On September 1st, Caixa Econômica Federal launched an application called FIES CAIXA. The Student Financing Fund (FIES) is a program of the Ministry of Education, which helps young people who want to take higher education in non-free institutions to obtain funding.

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Who can be entitled to FIES?

Young students with a family income of up to one and a half minimum wages per month, partial PROUNI scholarship holders and who choose to enroll in FIES in the same scholarship course, in addition to those who are enrolled in undergraduate courses and have performed well in ENEM, can apply for funding.

Many students have doubts about what happens in case of non-payment of FIES, if in this case they can lose their diploma. The answer to that is no, because once you have fulfilled all your obligations through college and passed your degree, you are entitled to a yes degree.

Now, the non-payment of the debt will cause your name and CPF to be listed as defaulter on SERASA. From then on, if you do not settle your debt, you will no longer be able to access other forms of financing, whether banking, real estate or automobiles.

In view of this, the FIES CAIXA application emerged so that program users who are in default can consult their debts, and through it renegotiate. Remembering that the deadline to regularize the situation continues until December 31 of this year, with the possibility of installments of debts and discounts from 12% to 99%, depending on the delay time.

Students who have their installments up to date, but want to pay off the rest of the loan balance, will get a discount of up to 12%. It is worth remembering that, in addition to the application, agreements can also be made through the FIES website.

In addition to renegotiating the debt or consulting the debt balance, in the application it is also possible to have access to the data registered in the system, issue slips and simulate renegotiation, and from there choose the best option.

According to data from Caixa Econômica Federal, the app is expected to be accessed by at least 1.85 million customers. Of these, 1.2 million will be able to refinance the debt via cell phone or tablet.

How to use the FIES Caixa application?

  • The first step is to download the application, available for Android and iOS;
  • The second is to verify if the contract is ready for renegotiation;
  • Check the contract details;
  • Simulate the available renegotiation types;
  • Confirm the renegotiation data;
  • Accept the term to join the renegotiation;
  • Conclude with the issuance of the entrance ticket.

Remembering that the renegotiation will only be effected upon payment of the first installment. In the application, it is possible to see the summary of the contract and, in the “Profile” tab, the student can consult the registered data.

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