Find out which celebrities have or have died from Parkinson’s

Several celebrities have already reported some symptoms of Parkinson’s Syndromeand others even lived with the diseasewhich is a central nervous system disorder that affects movement of the arms and legs, often including tremors, until the last day of life.

One of the main attractions of Rock in Rio, the singer Djavan became a subject after rumors emerged that he would have been diagnosed with the disease after showing signs that are similar to the symptoms during his shows, but he denied it.


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Below, the Observatory of the Famous prepared a list that gathers Celebrities who have or have died from Parkinson’s. Check out:

Renata Capucci

The journalist and reporter Fantastic She said she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In an interview with the podcast ‘This is Fantastic’, she told about the symptoms that made her discover the condition.

“It’s my turn to free myself. Because living with that secret is bad. You feel like you’re living a fake life, because part of you is one way and you keep hiding the other part from other people, in my case, most people, because I’m a public person. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in October 2018 when I was 45 years old. Today, I am 49”said.

Renata Capucci (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Michael J. Fox

The actor61 years old, discovered the disease about three decades ago. In an interview with the ‘Working It Out’ podcast, he said remembering the lines has become the hardest thing since he was diagnosedand who started not accepting proposals in projects with many speeches. “I can’t remember five pages of dialogue”he said.

Michael J Fox (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Eduardo Dussek

The actor, known for the soap opera I Love Paraisópolis (2015), discovered Parkinson’s disease over a decade ago. “Sometimes my hands shake, but most of the time the disease is controlled. That doesn’t stop me from working. I want to help people deal with the problem. By natural laws, I wouldn’t even be working anymore.”he said in an interview with Quem magazine in 2015.

Eduardo Dussek (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Paulo Jose

The actor had discovered the disease around 1993.. In an interview with Época magazine, he stated that the disease did not appear visually in the exams, but the symptoms became stronger and that the discovery was the easiest part, compared to other diseases. Even with the disease, Paulo José directed ten plays and participated in 19 films. He died on August 11, 2021, from pneumonia.aged 84.

Paulo José (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Pope John Paul II

The religious leader faced the disease, and in his final stages of life, the tremors became even more notorious., despite his several attempts to hide the condition. According to the media, he still refused medical treatment. He died on April 2, 2005, due to his poor health and worsening Parkinson’s.aged 84.

Pope John Paul II (Photo: Reproduction)

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