Find out who Soraya Oliver is, singer of Banda Sedutora beaten up before a show in Pernambuco | Pernambuco

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The moment when Soraya was beaten, in the early hours of Wednesday (7), was recorded by cameras. The images are strong (see video below). After the disclosure, the singer received support from numerous people and some curious people came to her profiles.

“Many people came to follow me out of curiosity, not wanting to see my music. Get to know my work. I’m not just the girl who got beat up by a cop“, Soraya said to the g1this Saturday (10).

Singer of Banda Sedutora is beaten by man and woman before cheesy show

Singer of Banda Sedutora is beaten by man and woman before cheesy show

Born in Recife, Soraya is 22 years old and grew up in the Iputinga neighborhood, in the West Zone. Daughter of a manicurist and a driver, she started singing as a child. “My father also sings, but he was never in a big band. If he invested, he would be a great singer. He has a very good voice,” she said.

Musical learning came, initially, linked to religion. Soraya sang in evangelical and Catholic churches before taking up vocals in a band at age 18.

“I joined a band from my neighborhood in 2018, Nosso Brega. I left the band because I won the contest [para escolher a nova vocalista] of the Seductress. I’ve been with the Seductress ever since,” she said.

Singer Soraya Oliver was invited, as a member of Sedutora, to go to Lollapalooza — Photo: Soraya Oliver/Personal collection

In 2022, Soraya has been in the current band for three years, known for hits such as “No Dia do Seu Casamento” and “Bateu a Química”.

This second song, which is a version of Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cirus, caused the young woman from Pernambuco and her companions to be invited by Multishow to participate in the transmission of the Lollapalooza festival.

Banda Sedutora is ten years old and has had different formations. On the way to the festival, in addition to Soraya, there were Brunessa França and Ariel Pinheiro. “It was me and two other singers. It was very cool. We met many artists”, he recalled.

Brunessa França, Soraya Oliver and Ariel Pinheiro during an event in São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

With the two, Soraya participated in a campaign by the city of Recife to encourage the population to get vaccinated against Covid-19. They sang a version of “Bateu a Química” that changed the chorus to “vacinau, vacinei” (see video below).

At the time, the municipality invited different representatives of music, such as the brega singer Michelle Melo, who went to communities to invite people to take the immunizing agent.

It was during the pandemic that Soraya chose the hair color she wears on stage. “As soon as I joined the band, it kept changing. I hadn’t found myself yet,” she recalled.

Banda Seductive launches special version of cheesy and clip about vaccination against Covid-19

Banda Seductive launches special version of cheesy and clip about vaccination against Covid-19

Currently singing romantic brega and forró, Soraya said that she likes to listen to Brazilian MPB and rap. In her social networks, she sometimes uses excerpts from songs by rapper Filipe Ret to illustrate her photos.

“It’s very interesting, it’s very cultural [o rap nacional]. I identify a lot. Rap people basically came from the same place I did, from the community,” she explained.

And it’s inspired by reality, like the rap lyrics, that Soraya writes her songs. She is currently learning piano to help with songwriting. “I’ve never recorded any music that I’ve written. I write about real-life stuff. It inspires me,” she said.

Seeking her own path in music, without imitating other people, the singer said she has women as inspiration: Joelma, Ivete Sangalo and Anitta.

“Joelma is a great artist, she has stage presence. In terms of humility, I admire Ivete a lot. In terms of encomia, of the future, of undertaking, I am very inspired by Anitta. Each one of them has their own style”, he declared. .

And who is Soraya, beyond everything that has been happening? “I am love, I am peace, I am light. I am a person who is very easy to communicate. I always make friends with my fans. I can make friends very easily”, said the singer.

For the future, follows the dream of being able to “pop” with a song recorded by her – the band’s hits were interpreted by other vocalists, initially. “We released a new DVD a short time ago. Get to know our songs, we made versions of classic forró”, she said.

For those who don’t know which song to start with, Soraya gives two tips: ‘Rolê’ and ’30 minutes’. “These are very thought-provoking songs. People are really enjoying it”, he declared.

Soraya Oliver taking a selfie with a fan during the Banda Sedutora show — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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