Flamengo arrives in Goiânia in the arms of the crowd; see probable team | Flamengo

With temperatures above 34 degrees and very low relative humidity (17%), Flamengo was literally received with heat in Goiânia, where they face Goiás this Sunday, at 7pm, in Serrinha. There was a lot of partying outside the hotel with the arrival of the delegation bus. Rodinei and David Luiz attended to the fans and were among the most celebrated by the red-blacks.

Without Pedro and Gabigol suspended, Flamengo will have a mixed team. Without playing since 4-0 over Vélez, Thiago Maia returns to the starting lineup.

David Luiz takes a picture with a fan on arrival at the hotel in Goiânia — Photo: Fred Gomes

The starting defenders will also play. David Luiz and Léo Pereira will form the defensive line with Rodinei and Ayrton Lucas.

The probable Flamengo is as follows: Santos, Rodinei, David Luiz, Léo Pereira and Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia, Pulgar, Vidal and Arrascaeta (Marinho); Chives and Victor Hugo.

Fabrício Bruno, also suspended, is another absence.

Flamengo players will face intense heat this Sunday. Temperature above 30 degrees and relative humidity around 17%. The ideal level of air humidity for the human organism is between 40% and 70%. By way of comparison, cities in the African Sahara desert commonly record humidity between 14% and 20%.

Flamengo arrives in Goiânia with support from fans at the hotel — Photo: Fred Gomes

There is information that the American band Guns and Roses, one of the biggest in history, is also staying at the Flamengo hotel, but the administration does not confirm. In the other entrance, there are fans dressed in Guns shirts, which plays at Serra Dourada this Sunday, in its first performance in Goiânia. The show will be held at 8pm.

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