How to get all streaming channels for 25% off the price? Arcuri responds

  • Before closing a subscription, check your financial situation
  • As much as the streaming value seems low individually, in the accumulated it becomes a significant amount

Abel Serafim, special for the E-Investor – Can you control anxiety in the face of a low offer? And when it comes to the streaming platform that is showing that movie you want to watch so much?

An extra money there, another one here, can be expensive in the end. “Because so many streaming options that we have today and values ​​that seem low in isolation can become a trap if the person subscribes to them all without putting the costs on the tip of the pencil”, says Nathalia Arcuri, founder and CEO of Me Poupe!.

Therefore, before closing a subscription to a streaming service, Arcuri indicates a check on the financial situation and assessment of the real need for real consumption.

E-Investidor – How can users and streaming lovers save on service expenses?

Nathalia Arcuri – Be careful and do the math, because so many streaming options we have today and values ​​that seem low in isolation can become traps if the person subscribes to all services without putting costs on the tip of the pencil. Netflix’s basic plan costs around R$25.90; Amazon’s, R$14.90; Disney, R$27.90, Globoplay, R$22.90; HBO Max, R$19.90. Adding them all together, it amounts to more than R$ 100 per month. In an annual projection, it reaches more than R$ 1,000.

Then use each one every three months, creating a rotation. Thus, alternating between the main ones – Netflix, Amazon, Disney and HBO – each for three months, the annual cost reduces to around R$ 265.80.

Faced with so much offer, how to assess the financial situation before closing a subscription?

Arcuri – First of all, assess what percentage of the salary you are committed to and to what. Then, analyze if you no longer pay for a similar service or have an expense that could be exchanged. With this analysis, you can reorganize yourself and prioritize essential expenses. If your budget is still tight, rethink whether it’s time to make a new purchase and subscribe to a new service.

Look for free platforms that offer the same or similar service. Nowadays there are combos made by streaming. You get the series platform and the music one comes for free and, of course, without forgetting how much this was already included in your budget. As much as the value seems low and it makes no difference, in the accumulated it becomes a significant amount.

What would be the ideal value to be allocated to this type of tool?

Arcuri – The ideal amount varies according to the monthly income of each person. But common sense is to ask yourself, before the purchase, if you really need that amount of a particular service or product. It’s always a good benchmark.

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