“I was a little upset”; Bárbara Heck opens the game about post-BBB and recalls controversy with Jade Picon


The model and influencer were allies in the game, however, the ‘friendship’ was a little shaken in the post-confinement

Photo 1: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Bárbara Heck |  Photo 2: Reproduction / Official Instagram of Jade Picon
Photo 1: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Bárbara Heck | Photo 2: Reproduction / Official Instagram of Jade Picon

Shortly after his elimination from BBB 22, the name of Barbara Heck reverberated after a controversy with Jade Picon. For those who don’t remember, the ex-sisters were friends in confinement, but the mood soured after the influencer sent a heartbroken emoji to the model in the “Queridometer of the Eliminated”.

But Jade’s disappointment with Barbara doesn’t seem to have stopped there. That’s because, shortly after the influencer was also eliminated, she stopped following Heck on social media. In an interview for the “Uol Splash”, the blonde opened up about how she felt after the situation: “I was a little upset with Jade. I was defending her out here, even though her team pulled a joint effort to eliminate me”said Barbara.

“At the time, I was very angry with her attitude. Then I understood that, when we leave, we receive a lot of information about everything that happened out here. And you can be confused by what happened beyond the confinement. But we had the opportunity to meet, talk and make things clear,” he then added, stating that today he maintains a good relationship with the ex-sister.

In the chat, Bárbara also commented on maintaining friendship outside the house with the people who were her allies within the game: “Inside you are forced to live with people who have nothing to do with you. It’s normal that out here, one goes to one side. But it stands to reason that if I meet an ex-colleague in confinement, I say hello. There are people I’m more intimate with, but it’s not called friendship out here,” said sincerely.

Asked about her participation in TV Globo’s reality show, Bárbara celebrated the experience and advised those who dream of participating: “It was really worth participating in the BBB, it always counts as an experience […] And it’s a unique experience, because not many people have the opportunity to experience it. Regardless of what the outcome of the game is, it’s worth surrendering,” said.

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