Jojo Todynho has a jealousy after influencer hits on her husband: “I leave bald”

Singer Jojo Todynho has a jealousy after influencer hits on her husband, Lucas Souza; check out

The singer Jojo Todynho got into a fight with the influencer little blogger after a jealousy crisis this Saturday (10). It all happened after the influencer hit on Lucas Souzathe husband of the champion of The Farm 12.

During a chat on multishow, the revolted funkeira after the influencer praised the military man. Directly, the artist sent her message. “To get someone else’s husband, you have to be willing. Don’t forget that I’m crazy, problematic and bald. With me, business is frenetic!” it started.

The mood was even heavier when the interviewer said she was prettier: “I’ll give you a straight talk, there is no better or worse woman than the other, I’m not better or worse than you, I’ll rip this lace off quickly”, said jojo.

Despite the words, the other presenters were not scared, but came to ask for calm so that the chatter between the two would cease. “I come here in the greatest goodwill and she is offending me? I make her bald”, said the singer.

After the video went viral, netizens commented on the fight not being real: “I love that Jojo falls into Blogueirinha’s conversation“said one. “I love that Jojo pretends to fight with Blogueirinha that even Blogueirinha thinks it’s true, but doesn’t get out of character anyway.”


It seems that the complaints of Jojo Todynho about the husband Lucas Souza only increase. Married for just 9 months, the couple would be experiencing a strong marriage crisis. At least that’s what the journalist says. Matheus Baldi.

In his social networks, the communicator gave all the possible tips to say that Jojo Todynho and Lucas Souza are going from bad to worse. According to him, the singer is dissatisfied, because her husband has changed his attitude in the short period they are married.

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