Leão Lobo does not hide what he thinks and criticizes Carlos Alberto

Leão Lobo criticizes A Praça é Nossa in a podcast by Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega

lion wolf talked to Carlos Alberto and your wife, Renata Dominguesin the podcast The pod is ours. In the chat, the journalist was telling some cases he has already faced when reporting first-hand gossip.

So, the talk was about the fact that he was detonated for being a very critical person. In this, Carlos Alberto took the opportunity to praise his work and highlighted that he is a renowned journalist and that if he didn’t like Praça é Nossa, the comedian would respect the position.

Thus, Leão Lobo took the opportunity to comment on what he thinks of the Square. “You are the biggest ladder in the history of Brazilian television, of Brazilian humor. If you didn’t have humility inside you, it’s very difficult”, commented Leão Lobo.

Then Leão recalled the criticism he made for Carlos Alberto’s program on the Press Trophy. “I criticized Praça. The Square is going through an off season. It’s a renovation, and the Square has always been through this. There are moments when veterans leave and new ones arrive, and until the public gets used to it”, said the journalist.

Carlos Alberto and Paulinho Gogó (Photo: Reproduction)

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Carlos Alberto (Photo: Publicity)

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Marcelo Medici and Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega

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Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, in an interview, confided that he even cried on the phone. “The day he left I told him that, he was already in the pandemic and I ran away to the farm. He called my wife, but it was on speakerphone, and he said: ‘Look, Renata, I don’t know how to talk, it’s a very good proposal that will solve my life, but I don’t want to lose my friendship with he. I owe him everything, I managed to buy this and that‘. She said: ‘Talk to him, he’ll understand,’” said Carlos Alberto.

“Then he called me and started talking and started crying and so did I. And he said: ‘Carlos Alberto, I’m going to win what I never dreamed of in my life, I’m going to make six movies, I’m going to be able to send my children to the United States, how do you stay?’ I said: ‘I look like a son who left a school here and went to Harvard to be a professor, that’s what I’m feeling for you‘. But I’m happy because I gave him the chance to grow”, concluded Carlos Alberto, showing pride in the success path of his faithful squire.

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