lines of up to 2 hours for gifts mark the festival

Rock in Rio is on the sixth and penultimate day of the festival. And an “attraction” was present throughout the event: the lines to win gifts from the sponsoring brands of the festival.

Among the treats, different types of cups, fanny packs, bags, visors, drinks and even condoms.

Ricardo, 33, and Larissa, 18, teach a tactic: they arrive early to avoid the line. Still, they had to wait more than an hour to play in a little ball-picking machine. Inside them, the name of the gifts that the person would receive from the Olla brand.

ricardo - Zo Guimarães/UOL - Zo Guimarães/UOL

Ricardo and Larissa: fans queue for gifts at Rock in Rio

Image: Zo Guimarães/UOL

“We were in line for an hour and a half. I decided to arrive early to get a gift. I took the fanny pack and condom from the machine”, says Larissa.

“We caught two marbles. We were afraid of not getting anything, but we were lucky,” says Ricardo.

“We stayed an hour to get the TikTok visor too”, completes Larissa.

Arriving early is also the best recommendation for those who want the Itaú glass, which hangs on a string to be worn around the neck. The queue varies a lot: it can go from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Julia Fulini, 23 years old, was in line for 1h10, even though she arrived early, but she guarantees that it is worth it.

julia - Filipe Pavão/UOL - Filipe Pavão/UOL

Julia Fulini faces a line at Rock in Rio for a glass

Image: Filipe Pavão/UOL

“On the day of the Guns show, I was on the railing and lost my water bottle. When the production went by filling the glasses of the people who were there, I had nowhere to put it. When I arrived at the show, I was thirsty. Today I decided to get it. the glass so you don’t get thirsty. It’s an ally to escape the heat”, explains the young woman.

Luisa, 15, and uncle Rafael, 39, faced more than 40 minutes of queue to buy a Coke and win the glass.

“It’s the new flavor of watermelon with strawberry. I was in line for 40 minutes, but it’s approved. It costs R$ 8 and you get a personalized cup”, says the teenager.

.  - Filipe Pavão/UOL - Filipe Pavão/UOL

Luisa and her uncle, Rafael, queued for Coca-Cola

Image: Filipe Pavão/UOL

There are even those who stay more than an hour to “marry” Elvis Presley’s blessings in a chapel set up on Route 85.

Friends Renata Braga, 33, Thais Yasmin, 33, and Vinícius Calado, 26, met at Rock in Rio 2019 and returned to Cidade do Rock to seal the friendship of “trisal” in the chapel of Chilli Beans. They are from Manaus, while he is from São Paulo.

“We met at Rock in Rio in 2019. Now, we came back and sealed the friendship with the wedding”, celebrates Renata

trisal - Personal archive - Personal archive

Trisal sealed friendship with ‘wedding’ at Rock in Rio

Image: Personal archive

“But everyone is on the dancefloor”, jokes Vinícius, stressing that he is single and that he would like to do a trisal with “two hot girls”.

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