Lula’s campaign calls for a breach of bank secrecy of Bolsonaro’s allies

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

photo: Reuters

Former President’s Coalition Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), candidate for the Palácio do Planalto, asked the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) the breach of bank, telephone and telematic secrecy of allies of the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) who participated in the organization of the September 7 demonstrations.

The PT campaign accuses the Chief Executive of abusing political and economic power in the acts of the Bicentennial of Independence. testimony.

“Contrary to the position of head of the Brazilian state that would be his, Jair Bolsonaro, with the support of the other investigated, took advantage of the moment as the stage of an electoral rally for the benefit of his candidacy – including, it must be said, funded by funds of the state destined for the act, whose purpose was misrepresented by the investigated”, says the document.

Right-wing movements organize acts on Avenida Paulista, central region of the city of São Paulo, in commemoration of the 7th of September, date of Independence of Brazil, this Wednesday, 7

Right-wing movements organize acts on Avenida Paulista, central region of the city of São Paulo, in commemoration of the 7th of September, date of Independence of Brazil, this Wednesday, 7

Photo: SUAMY BEYDOUN / Estadão

The PT asks for the breaking of bank, telephone and telematic secrecy of Pastor Silas Malafaia, who paid an electric trio for Bolsonaro to speak in Rio de Janeiro, and of other supporters of the Chief Executive, such as Júlio Augusto Gomes Nunes and Antonio Galvan, from the Movimento Brasil Verde Amarelo, as well as agribusiness entrepreneurs.

According to Lula’s coalition, the objective is to discover the amounts spent directly and indirectly, for example, in publicizing and calling for the September 7 acts in Brasília and Rio, in hiring trios electricians and in the displacement of people and tractors to the federal capital. In a nod from the agro to Bolsonaro, 28 tractors were displayed in the civic-military parade.

as anticipated the Estadão Column, the type of action chosen by the campaign to prosecute Bolsonaro serves a long-term strategy. Aije foresees acts of investigation, and the case will hardly be concluded before the first round, but it could lead to the impeachment of Bolsonaro’s candidacy and make him ineligible for eight years.

In addition to Bolsonaro, Lula’s campaign also asks that ex-minister Walter Braga Netto (PL), vice-president Hamilton Mourão, Minister of Communications Fábio Faria, Malafaia be heard in the investigation. and businessman Luciano Hang, owner of the Havan chain of stores. Everyone participated in the September 7th celebrations on the Esplanade of Ministries.

Bolsonaro’s opponents have launched a legal offensive to question the acts of 7 de Setembro. The teams of candidates for the Plateau Ciro Gomes (PDT) and Soraya Thronicke (União Brasil) also went to the TSE to accuse the president of abuse of political and economic power.

This Wednesday, 7, Bolsonaro spoke at an electric trio on the Esplanada dos Ministérios after having participated in the civic-military parade. The Chief Executive also held a political act on the edge of Copacabana, in Rio.

A target of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Luciano Hang walked alongside the president on the Esplanade during the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Brazil.

Owner of the Havan chain of stores, Hang is one of eight businessmen who defended, in a WhatsApp group, a coup d’état in the country, if Lula wins the elections. Supporters of Bolsonaro, the businessmen were the targets of a Federal Police operation, authorized by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Supreme Court.

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