Night of perrengues at Rock In Rio did not save tiktokers or globals – 09/11/2022

Save yourself if you can. With heat, rain and maximum capacity in the VIP area, the 6th night of Rock In Rio 2022 spared no trouble for the “deified” tiktokers or global artists. It was a chaotic atmosphere, and this column of splash account details.

Around 9 pm, the “Vipão” — the one that receives the most famous and has tickets for R$ 3 thousand — was impassable. Queues of 40 minutes to eat, full bathroom, people sitting on the floor, and a lot of despair from celebrities, who, as reported by this column, were barred and did not enter the “special playpen” of promoter Carol Sampaio.

In this chaotic scenario, an actress from Globo, whose name will be preserved by the column, shouted at a popular businesswoman. “Don’t scream, please calm down, they are filming”, asked the businesswoman.

The actress was not satisfied with having to wait to enter the most VIP area. Next to her, Luísa Sonza and Thelminha were also very dissatisfied with the situation.

Yasmin Brunet — also barred — when realizing that this columnist was trying to report the chaos that had formed, asked her name, surname and which press vehicle it was. The model also made many calls within a space where it was not possible to hear almost anything.

barred - Lucas Pasin/Splash - Lucas Pasin/Splash

Carlinhos Maia, Yasmin Brunet and Larissa Manoela did not have a VIP wristband for a box at Rock in Rio

Image: Lucas Pasin/Splash

A little further away from the door that led to the “playpen”, Vanessa Lopes – the queen of TikTok’s dances – also waited to be released. She wanted to see Camila Cabello’s show and, in conversation with the column, said that “it wasn’t easy even for her”.

Politics dominated the conversations

The proximity of the elections made the political topic dominate the evening’s interviews with celebrities. Some escaped the topic, such as Juliana Paes, who after going viral in the past for a video in which she cites “communist delusions” found herself questioned again on the subject.

Márcio Garcia said he would not say his vote so as not to influence anyone, but he took the opportunity to talk about having supported Sérgio Moro in the past. “It’s by making mistakes that you learn,” he said.

fafa - Leo Franco/AgNews - Leo Franco/AgNews

Fafá de Belém was present on the sixth day of Rock in Rio and spoke about political positioning

Image: Leo Franco/AgNews

Singer Fafá de Belém also enjoyed the night’s shows and commented on Jair Bolsonaro saying he was “imbrochable”. She laughed at the matter and said, “I found it too pretentious.”

hottest night

Coldplay’s show, on the sixth night of Rock In Rio, made the festival receive the largest number of celebrities in this edition.

In addition to those already mentioned in this article, we highlight the presence of Bruna Marquezine, Murilo Benício, Giovanna Antonelli, Rodrigo Faro and Otaviano Costa with Flávia Alessandra.

Celebrities enjoyed the 6th day of Rock in Rio

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