Palmeiras 2 x 1 Juventude for the 26th round of the Brasileirão 2022

In the leader’s duel against the lantern, Palmeiras beat Juventude by 2 to 1, tonight (10), at Allianz Parque, for the 26th round of the Brazilian Championship. After a first half marked by missed opportunities, Verdão needed 28 seconds in the final stage to open the scoring with a goal by Rony, who reached the mark of 150 games for the club. Guilherme Parede equalized for the visitors, but Zé Rafael replaced Palmeiras in front.

With the result, Verdão wins again after five games and gives an answer in the first match after the elimination to Athletico-PR in the Libertadores semifinal. The team led by Abel Ferreira maintains a comfortable distance in the lead of the Brasileirão and reaches 54 points, eight ahead of the second placed Inter. Flamengo is still playing in the round – against Goiás – and, if they win, it will bring the alviverde advantage back to seven points in relation to the second-placed team.

In the next round, Palmeiras welcomes Santos and in a classic at Allianz Parque, on Sunday (18), at 18:30. On the same day, but at 6pm, Juventude face Fortaleza, at Alfredo Jaconi.

game chronology

Pushed by the nearly 40,000 people from Palmeiras at Allianz Parque, Palmeiras had a more timid and less overwhelming start than fans have become accustomed to in home games lately. Even so, Verdão was superior to Juventude and created several scoring opportunities in the first half. Rony, Zé Rafael and, mainly, Dudu, who had the best opportunity, squandered clear chances to open the scoring, and the first half ended at zero. On leaving the field, Rony highlighted the nervousness of the team: “We need to score a goal, right?” showing the psychological barrier to be overcome, in an interview with Premiere.

Ron spoke and did. After Marcos Rocha’s launch, he opened the scoring with less than a minute — 28 seconds, to be exact. At the moment when Verdão seemed to have total control of the game and created more chances, Juventude pulled out the tie with a goal by Guilherme Parede, in the 17th minute. The Palmeiras reaction was quick, and the team returned to the front at 21, after a corner kick taken by Zé Rafael. End of game: 2 to 1 for Palmeiras.

Live from Palmeiras

Who did well: Ron

A man trusted by coach Abel Ferreira, the striker was the author of Palmeiras’ first goal in the game. He squandered good chances in the first half, it’s true, but in the second he made the top scorer in the final stage count. He participated in practically all of Verdão’s offensive actions.

Who was bad: Bruno Tabata

Substitute for Raphael Veiga, who underwent surgery on his right ankle and became absent for an indefinite period, the attacking midfielder was in another rotation and could not make up for the absence of the holder in the play set. He was in debt.

Palmeiras game

In the first game after the elimination of Libertadores, Verdão had control of the match for most of the time, but gave up the tie in a defensive inattention and got an unnecessary scare. The team did not let themselves be shaken and quickly got back in front of the marker. The team created numerous chances and showed volume of play, as usual with Abel Ferreira.

the youth game

The Brasileirão lantern closed in on defense and had a brief moment of happiness at Allianz Parque. He was involved by Palmeiras most of the time and suffered another defeat in the competition.

Zé Rafael double pen

In the first minutes of the match, the Palmeiras midfielder wasted skill and threw two pens in a row in midfield. Watch:

Youth defender almost makes it against

Rafael Foster narrowly didn’t help Palmeiras open the scoring at Allianz Parque. In the 14th minute of the first half, the defender tried to cut Piquerez’s cross in the area and almost sent it against his own goal.

Ron’s Marks

Decisive for the Palmeiras victory, the striker reached two important milestones this night: he completed 150 games with the Verdão shirt and scored his 20th goal in the current season.

Palmeiras debuts new 3rd uniform

Verdão played for the first time with the new third shirt for the remainder of the season. The uniform has a lighter shade of green, in addition to yellow details.

Dudu sends the ball out after a great move by Palmeiras during the match against Juventude in the Brasileirão - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

Dudu sends the ball out after a great move by Palmeiras during the match against Juventude in the Brasileirão

Image: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF



Competition: Brazilian Championship, 26th round
Date and time: September 10, 2022 (Saturday), at 21:00 (Brasília time)
Place: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)
Referee: Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes (GO)
Assistants: Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva (FIFA/GO) and Luanderson Lima dos Santos (BA)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro (FIFA/RN)
Public: 39,337
Income: BRL 2,251,971.42
Yellow cards: Jadson, Moraes and Vitor Gabriel (JUV)

goals: Rony (PAL), at 28 seconds of the second half (1-0), Guilherme Parede (JUV), at 17 minutes of the second half (1-1) and Zé Rafael (PAL), at 21 minutes of the second half (2- 1)

PALM TREES: Weverton; Marcos Rocha (Mayke), Gustavo Gómez, Murilo and Piquerez; Danilo, Zé Rafael and Bruno Tabata (Breno Lopes); Gustavo Scarpa (Atuesta), Rony (Rafael Navarro) and Dudu (Gabriel Menino). Technician: Abel Ferreira

YOUTH: Pegorari; Vitor Mendes, Renato Chaves (Ruan) and Rafael Forster; Rodrigo Soares, Jean Irmer, Jadson, Chico (Rafinha) and Capixaba (Moraes); Óscar Ruiz (Guilherme Parede) and Pitta (Vitor Gabriel). Technician: Umberto Louzer

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