Paula Fernandes opens her heart and talks about a difficult time with frustrations in the professional environment: “my mother saved me”


The singer revealed how she dealt with the difficult times

Photo: Instagram/Paula Fernandes
Photo: Instagram/Paula Fernandes

Although he has won a good reputation in the sertanejo world, Paula Fernandes went through situations that generated disorders during his professional life. During a participation in the podcast “Papo com Clê”, the singer revealed some complex situations that she faced in the musical environment. One of them was when she left her house, in Belo Horizonte, next to her mother, to try to make a career as a singer in São Paulo, but the plans did not go as expected.

The artist commented on how it was to deal with the depressive moments: “So, I left (home) at 11 years old and went to São Paulo. When I was almost 18 it was enough. It was a milestone for us. I went into depression and I chose the window I was going to jump over. My mother saved me. ‘If you jump in first, I’ll jump with you because I can’t stand being without you’. That’s how it was”, he explained.

The singer also spoke about returning home after career frustration: “That was enough. She said: ‘Let’s go back to Belo Horizonte’. We came back with one hand in front and the other too. in my pocket. I hadn’t achieved anything and I was very frustrated, depressed and sick. I was on a stick because I had lost a lot of weight and my hair had fallen out. All this happened to me. I went back to Minas Gerais and each one went to their own house. My mother had separated from my father and that was the beginning of life”, he said.

Paula he also said that he managed to heal from the moment he accepted that he was sick, but the process was not easy either. The countrywoman revealed that after starting to see a psychiatrist, her illness became a joke among some of her relatives, who said “Paula went crazy”, “Where’s the little singer from the house?”, among other statements. In August of that year, the artist also faced a serious problem: her car overturned on the 27th, after being hit by another vehicle on the Castello Branco highway, in São Paulo, when she was returning home with her boyfriend, businessman Rony Cecconello.

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