“Piti” of King Charles III during his proclamation becomes a meme in the networks

This Saturday morning (10/9), the proclamation of Charles III as the new King of the United Kingdom took place. However, what really caught the public’s attention was a “piti” given by the monarch during the ceremony.

As he went to sign the document to be proclaimed, Charles asked one of the assistants to remove the pen box from his desk. To that, he nodded energetically, more than once, and the moment didn’t go unnoticed.

The internet, of course, reacted to the scene. “Well, that’s the next step. Extraordinary to witness. King Charles is a little distraught over the pen situation,” one Twitter user said. Another assured that the moment of “fury” of the king was the high point of the event.

Ascension to the Throne

Queen Elizabeth II died this Thursday (8/9), at the age of 96, after 70 years of reign. The information was confirmed by the social networks of Buckingham Palace. “The Queen died peacefully this afternoon (8/9) at Balmoral Palace.

With this, Charles Philip Arthur George, the Prince of Wales, has reached the last rung in the succession to the throne of the United Kingdom, automatically becoming the new King of the United Kingdom. Now he is called Charles III.

Now 73, Charles was just three when his mother became queen. The sovereign reigned for seven decades. To help him in the endeavor to take the throne, Charles has the help of Camilla Parker, whom he married in 2005.

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