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Thousands of people took to the streets in Scotland to follow Elizabeth II’s final journey this Sunday (11). Her body left Balmoral Castle at 10:07 am (0707 GMT) and arrived around six hours later at Holyrood Palace, the royal family’s official residence in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital.

The oak coffin followed in the first car of a seven-vehicle caravan and passed through cities such as Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth on a journey of 280 km. On the way, the procession made stops so that more people could say goodbye to the monarch. A crowd cheered the body’s arrival in Edinburgh.

The queen’s coffin was covered with the royal flag, which bears a red lion on a yellow background, a yellow harp on a blue background and other yellow lions on a red background. A wreath of white flowers, cut from the castle grounds, rested on the coffin.

The queen’s body will remain in Holyrood until Monday afternoon (12), when it will be taken to St Giles Cathedral. There, the Scots will be able to line up to see him. On Tuesday, he goes by plane to London.

From Wednesday (14), the oak coffin will be at the Palace of Westminster, seat of the British Parliament, where the famous Big Ben clock is located. It will be exposed for public viewing there for four days during which Londoners will be able to enter and pay their last respects.

On the morning of the 19th, he will be taken to Westminster Abbey for his funeral, which will be televised. Two minutes of silence across the UK will be enacted. Elizabeth II will then be buried at Windsor Castle, west of London.

Symbol of the monarchy, Elizabeth II held the throne for seven decades and died peacefully, according to the official statement, on Thursday (8). The death began a series of official protocols and ceremonies, in the United Kingdom and in states associated with it.

This Saturday morning, Charles III, 73, was proclaimed king in a ceremony at Saint James’ Palace in London. The oldest British monarch to assume the British throne in history, he is expected to make his reign a transitional period between that of his mother, revered for her dedication to public service, and that of her son William, 40, seen as the modernization of royalty.

Proclamations similar to Saturday’s continue to be made this Sunday. In Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, King Charles III was proclaimed in a ceremony with trumpeters and cannon fire. Nearby there was an anti-monarchist protest, and at least one protester was detained by the police.

Ceremonies also took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Cardiff, Wales. In addition to the UK countries, New Zealand, Australia and Canada also held celebrations to proclaim Charles 3rd King.

The monarch has an official agenda in London this Sunday. Upon arriving at Buckingham Palace, Charles waved to the crowd that had gathered in front of the venue.

West London, on the outskirts of Windsor Castle, William and Harry paid their respects to the Queen on Saturday. They were accompanied by their wives – Kate and Meghan – at a meeting that had not been seen in at least two years.

The two princes would be with the shaken relationship since the removal of the youngest. Harry now lives in the US and, last year, he gave a devastating interview with his wife, in which Meghan made accusations of racism among the royals. Part of the press saw this Saturday’s meeting as a possibility of rapprochement.

Prince William, now first in line to the throne, issued a statement saying he intended to honor his grandmother’s memory by supporting his father, the king, “in every way possible”.



6 am (from Brasilia): The coffin with the body of Queen Elizabeth II was transported from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to Edinburgh, the capital of the country. The journey by car took approximately six hours. There, the coffin was taken to Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the royal family.


The queen’s body will be taken in procession to St Giles’ Cathedral, also in Edinburgh. There will be a ceremony at the site, and the coffin will be exposed to the public for 24 hours.


from 1 pm (from Brasilia): A hearse will take the coffin to Edinburgh airport. From there, you will be transported on a 55-minute flight to London. Honor guards will greet your departure from Scotland and your arrival in England.

In the English capital, the queen’s body will be taken to Buckingham Palace, where prayers will be held in the presence of members of the royal family.


The Imperial State Crown, one of the greatest symbols of the British monarchy, and a wreath will be placed on the coffin.

10:22 am (from Brasilia): A procession with members of the royal family will carry the coffin from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, seat of Parliament.

11 am (from Brasilia): The coffin is due to arrive at Westminster, where it will be received by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The site will be open to the public for a visit for five days, but details of when that will begin are not known.


The coffin with the queen’s body will be transported from the Palace of Westminster to the abbey, where the funeral will take place. The walking tour will be accompanied by members of the royal family. After the service, the Queen will be buried at Windsor Castle, west of London.

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